Finding Matrix Style Trench Coats

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Besides a compelling story that entertains, The Matrix trilogy also features incredibly stylish, futuristic garb. Black has never been as fashionable as it was on the clothes that Neo and his companions sported in their dark underworld. If Keanu Reeves as Neo is one of your favorite movie characters, you might want to find Matrix style trench coats to emulate some of the coolest cinema fashions in recent history.

Buy Your Own Matrix Coat

Maybe you admire Neo's style or you want to wear a Matrix coat for an occasion that calls for a costume. Even though the trilogy is over, you can still find a variety of coats and costumes for Matrix fans. Some places to look into for long trench coats that evoke a dark and intimidating vibe include:

  • Moon Costumes sells a costume-quality Neo long split-front coat-and-sunglasses set. This set is priced under $40 and is perfect for one night of dress-up.
  • Cos Play Sky features the Matrix Neo Trench Coat done in black wool. It is fully lined and can be tailor-made to your specific measurements. This coat is priced at $140.
  • Celebs Wear carries the Matrix Movie Coat priced just under $400. It is done in black leather with a polyester lining and features a stand up collar, diagonal buttoned side pockets and three inside buttoned pockets as well as a button down front.

Basics of Matrix Style Trench Coats

When looking at the Matrix movies, you'll see several points that define the coats the characters wore:

  • Black: The coats that Neo, Trinity and Morpheus wore were black, which fit in with the dark theme of the films. Because they lived underground, Neo and his companions needed clothing that wouldn't show dirt readily, but it was probably a cinematic device to make the characters appear cooler as well.
  • Long: While average trench coats can come to the knee or slightly below, the Matrix style coats were considerably longer. Morpheus' and Neo's coats fall to the floor. The long length adds to a taller, more intimidating appearance. None of the coats had belts, like typical trench coats; instead, they hung straight down.
  • Big collar: Neo sported two different collars on his coats: one was high and mandarin-like and the other featured wide lapels. Both were very dramatic and added to the stylistic look that comes across well on movie screens.
  • Highly structured: The coats and clothes you see in the Matrix films are minimalist and highly tailored. There are no fancy embellishments drawing the eye away from crisp, clean lines. This stark minimalism applies especially to the coats that the characters wear and fits in with a survivalist theme.

Get the Matrix Look

Whether you love the stylistic qualities of an expensive Matrix style coat or you simply want to appear as Neo or Morpheus for a party, you'll find these cinematic trenches in a wide price range. Whichever coat you choose to wear, it'll be obvious what movie trilogy you can't get enough of.

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Finding Matrix Style Trench Coats