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Ankle length trench coats are weather-ready, look professional, and can be a versatile addition to any man's wardrobe. They are a great choice for men who prefer longer lengths for more protective coverage from the elements. However, ankle length styles can be difficult to find if you don't know where to look, since most retailers sell trenches with lengths at mid-calf and above.

Ankle Length Trench Coat Styles for Men

Fashion Long Trench Coat

You can order the Dr. Brown Fashion Long Trench coat in men's sizes small to 2XL from Amazon, and custom sizes are also available. This casual-styled trench is ideal for everyday wear. It comes in a deep tan faux-suede finish with flap-styled pockets and notched lapels. It is doubled breasted and outfitted with marble-colored buttons for added detail. It also has an inner welt pocket, ideal for carrying glasses, a phone, or other small items. The style of this trench resembles the coat worn by the title character from television's Dr. Who.

The overall customer review ratings are very positive, and purchasers speak highly of its great fit, warmth, and the nice look of the fabric and inner silk lining. This coat is priced around $130 and ships in three to four business days after receipt of payment. Shipping costs about $5. Custom-sized coat orders are similarly priced, but it usually takes six to ten business days for them to ship.

Single Breasted Wool Full Length Topcoat

The Cianni Men's Single Breasted Wool Full Length Topcoat is available from Amazon. This coat is black and made from mixed wool/poly blend fabric. It is also single breasted with a three-button closure, and it's fully lined. This style is very professional-looking, and the roomy fit is ideal for wearing over suits. Additional features include a notched lapel, a welt pocket, and center back vent. The coat is also water repellent.

Sizes range from 36 to 54; longer length choices are limited within the size ranges. This coat usually ships within two to three business days, and pricing ranges from around $110 to just under $130 based on the size being purchased. Shipping runs just under $20.

Custom Made Options

Burberry Bespoke Trench

Burberry carries an array of trench coats in varying colors and sizes, but none of their ready-made men's styles are ankle length. However, you can custom order an ankle-length 'Bespoke' coat in the style of your choice.

Visit Burberry's create your own trench coat page to start your custom order. You will need to select your:

  • Style and length
  • Fabric and color
  • Sleeves
  • Lining
  • Collar
  • Buttons and hardware
  • Belt
  • Monogram

After selecting the latter, you will then select your size and proceed to checkout. A size and fit guide is available for your reference, and live chat is available online if you have any questions. You can also design your personal trench coat with a bespoke specialist at the Regent Street flagship store, London England, where private one-on-one service is available.

You can expect to pay from $1795 to upwards of $5000 U.S. dollars for a custom designed coat from Burberry, depending on the specialized details you choose. Custom orders cannot be returned.

Commission a Tailor

You may want to consider having a tailor custom-make an ankle length trench coat. A custom-made trench is often more expensive than an off-the-rack coat, but the trade-off could be worth it for a perfectly-fitted trench coat that will give countless wears over the years.

Get a recommendation from a local dry cleaners or department store for a reputable tailor. You can also check the local yellow pages for tailors in your area and schedule an appointment to meet.

Searching for the Perfect Coat

Finding an ankle length trench coat can be an arduous task, but it's well worth the search to find this longer style that provides more length and coverage for your clothing. It may take some time to find just what you need, but the styles and suggestions here are good options to help you get started.

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