Men's Denim Slacks

men's blue denim slacks

Men's denim slacks may not be as popular as regular blue jeans themselves, but they still have their place in fashion. They are available in many sizes, styles, and washes, so if you are interested in wearing a pair but haven't found one you like yet, keep looking.

How to Wear Men's Denim Slacks

For those who love western wear or love a good square-dancing class from time to time, how to wear denim slacks may be second nature. You don't have to deck yourself out in boots and tassels to enjoy a pair, but these slacks definitely have their place in western-inspired looks. They are often cooler and lighter weight than regular denim, a good option if you're usually burning up by the end of your square-dancing lesson or other denim-worthy activity. You can wear them with shirts that have western flair or just choose a dressy shirt to pair with your slacks.

Men's denim slacks can look anywhere from casual to dressed up. It's all in how you present yourself and what you pair with them, from a t-shirt to a button-up. They're often made of lightweight materials, so they're perfect for warm weather.

Buy a Pair or Two

You may be able to pick up a pair or two of denim slacks at your local department store's men's department, but if you haven't had any luck finding any, you can always shop online. The following retailers have a selection of denim slacks in various styles, sizes, and prices:

  • Blair: You can get stretch denim slacks here for $29.99 to $35.99. You can get them in black, blue, or indigo in sizes from 30 to 48 with inseams up to 32". They're made of cotton and Spandex and are meant to give you a comfortable, broken in fit from the first time you put them on. Other details include a plain front, slash pockets, back pockets, hemmed bottoms, and a waistband with a button/zipper closure.
  • Frank's Big and Tall: This site makes sure the big and tall men aren't left out if they want a pair of denim slacks. They are only available in a medium denim blue 100 percent cotton, and they're a bit more expensive than other denim slacks. However, the medium blue shade is very versatile and the sizes go up to 66 waist. Depending on the size, you may pay $59.50 or $65.00. Other features on these pants include a drawstring waistband (inside), belt loops, zip front, double pleats, and side and back pockets.
  • Orvis has pleated and plain denim chinos. You'll get a relaxed fit, plus the comfort of cotton. Expect to pay between $49.00 and $69.00, depending on whether they are on sale. Sizes available include 32 to 46 and you can choose between cuffed bottoms up to 34" or plain, finished ones up to 35". These slacks are both available in dark indigo only.

A Final Word

While men's denim slacks may not be as popular as other pants styles in men's fashion, they do have their own niche in the fashion world. They're great for when you need something lightweight, relaxed, and somewhere between dressy and casual. You can dress them up or down as needed, though you probably won't be able to get away with them in most work environments even though they are called "slacks."

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Men's Denim Slacks