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In the world of men's fashion, urban tattoo clothing has really taken off in a big way. Thanks in great part to celebrity trends and designers who embrace the heavily artistic tattoo culture, the look has evolved from a small selection of baseball caps and T-shirts to so much more.

About Tattoo Clothes

The very antithesis of suave and polished, tattoo-adorned clothes have been adopted by males of all ages. You'll see them on everyone from mall rats to Jon Gosselin, and if you look hard enough you'll probably spot a pint-sized tyke or two sporting an Ed Hardy T-shirt. It is designer Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy line, in fact, that is largely responsible for all the hubbub.

When Audigier launched Ed Hardy in 2004, he was armed with the exclusive rights to artist Don Ed Hardy's designs. Hardy, also known as the "Godfather of Tattoo," is widely known for his usage of Japanese aesthetics in his work, and his involvement in tattoo exhibitions and lectures has helped spawn the ever-growing interest in the tattoo lifestyle. Certainly, the collaboration between fashion trailblazer Audigier and tattoo cultivator Hardy held promise, and before long the line drew attention from celebrities and trendsetters all over the world.

Though bright, loud T-shirts were the initial draw, the line quickly grew to include jeans, hoodies, sweaters, baseball caps, neckties, sunglasses, shoes and much more. With collections for women and children also part of the growing repertoire, the tattooed look caught on in a big way.

Men's Fashion Urban Tattoo Clothing Trends

It's not hard to find your choice of cool, comfortable clothing etched with eye-catching tattoo designs, and there are plenty of options beyond the Hardy label, of course. A stroll through just about any shopping mall or a browse through various Internet boutiques will yield many different labels and styles. This is good news if the instantly recognizable Hardy brand is simply on your "no way" list, or if you'd rather stand out from the crowd and wear something a little bit different.

We've tracked down some of the best places to get your fix of men's fashion urban tattoo clothing and accessories. If price constraints are an issue, you'll find a good variety here to keep you within your budget, and vice versa - if money is no option, prepare to spend freely.

  • Ed Hardy is chock-full of men's apparel and accessories, all creatively touched with Hardy artwork. Check out the sale section for decent deals on select items, but note that all sale items are final purchase. If you're not entirely sure of your Hardy size, pay a visit to a local store that carries the line and try some of the pieces on first.
  • Tattoo Apparel carries edgy clothes and accessories worthy of any rock star (American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is a fan). For discounts, check out the sale clearance section, where several items are priced at up to 80 percent off their retail.
  • Too Fast Online calls itself the "anti-Ed Hardy." The line is born from a true affiliation with punk rock music and appreciation for the tattoo culture, and the men's collection is rife with hard-edged jackets, slim-fit T-shirts and jeans, to name a few. Narrow down your selections by price for easier shopping.
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Men's Fashion Urban Tattoo Clothing