Men's Loose Casual Clothes

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As warm weather approaches, men's loose casual clothes transition from the back of the closet to the forefront of just about every male's wardrobe. It's not just the practicality that these types of clothes offer; it's the versatility and sheer comfort that make them so essential.

A Little Loose

While baggy clothing may spell trouble for some body types and can often be considered a major fashion faux pas, it can also be quite a sensible choice in some cases. Though the idea of walking around town in anything but well-fitted pants, a crisp dress shirt and a smart blazer is unthinkable for some men, others just appreciate the casual nature of baggy clothing. This is especially true of those who have no need to wear the aforementioned, more polished types of clothes. Even the gents who do favor a more sophisticated approach to their dressing will often seek refuge in the undeniable comfort of something loose and relaxed.

Of course, there's a difference between loose and huge. Wearing something loose equates to wearing a relaxed cut, not necessarily a piece that is several sizes too big. It doesn't take much effort to find this type of clothing; men's departments are chock-full of stylish finds that, while casual, also look smart and pulled together.

Men's Loose Casual Clothes Styles

It seems that nothing defines casual clothing better than a pair of jeans - that applies to men, women and children alike. Jeans are the go-to choice for those days spent lazing around town, running quick errands or just heading out to meet friends. It's a no brainer that jeans are high on this list, but loose jeans in particular are a great choice. There are so many washes and cuts available that it's nearly impossible not to find a pair that works well.

In addition to the obvious pair of jeans, though, there are other clothes that help round out a casual wardrobe perfectly. Men turn to casual clothing for comfort and all around relaxation, but in truth these laid-back duds do more than just keep the wearer relaxed. They're also a great way to express personalities and individual tastes. Casual clothes are better suited for this purpose than professional garments, which are usually cut very sharply and offer little by way of variety.

Among the other types of men's loose casual clothes available, these are a few that really stand out and make welcome additions to any well rounded wardrobe:

  • T-shirts: This is a bit of a no brainer. T-shirts are emblematic of everything that is cool, relaxed and fun. There's nothing easier than throwing a T-shirt on over a pair of jeans, nor is there much thought involved in this sort of outfit. That's fine, though - in most cases, going the easy, casual route is synonymous with simple, quick style that doesn't require much effort. With so many styles of loose T-shirts available, men can build vast collections, often without spending too much.
  • Polo shirts: Slightly more polished than the basic T-shirt, a loose polo shirt is a smart alternative to wear with everything from jeans to chino pants. It's just as suited to the golf course as it is the backyard, and it's the sort of garment that never really loses its worth over time. By nature, polo shirts aren't binding and fall quite freely over the body; a loose style may be very comfortable for some men, particularly during the warmer months of the year.
  • Shorts: Shorts are naturally loosely cut most of the time. They're great with the aforementioned T-shirts and polo shirts, wear well with loose tanks and, of course, don't require a shirt on the beach or while out for a run! The great thing about shorts is that they can be exceptionally baggy at times - think cargo or certain other types of cotton shorts - but still manage to look smart, especially when paired with an appropriate shirt.
  • Jackets: As outerwear goes, a loose jacket is an acceptable choice for year-round wear. In fact, a slightly baggy cut comes in very handy, because it will be large enough to accommodate you should you choose to wear a sweater, but also comfortable when you're not wearing layers.

Things to Remember

Again, "loose" does not mean "huge." Steer clear of too-large clothes that swallow you whole and are simply too voluminous for your frame. It will only end up looking sloppy! Instead, opt for pants in your own regular size that are cut to fit loosely. Tops may be more acceptable in a larger size, but don't allow it to overwhelm your entire frame. Again, the key is to be comfortable and casual - this is best achieved with clothes that are designed to be baggy, yet fit you well.

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Men's Loose Casual Clothes