Men's Tab Collar Dress Shirt

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Men's tab collar dress shirts are sometimes overlooked when it comes to men's fashion choices for work or formal events. You may sometimes see them referred to as English tab collar shirts or Roman collars.

Where to Find Tab Collar Dress Shirts

Brooks Brothers

At Brooks Brothers you can find some of the non-iron tab collar shirts. Choose from light blue and white, colors that it's very easy to pair your favorite ties with. You'll find that these shirts have a full cut and trim armholes. Expect to pay around $79.50. Be sure to consult the size guide to make sure you get the perfect fit.

Amazon has it all, including tab collar dress shirts. Prices, styles, and brands will vary of course, so you may want to set aside quite a chunk of time for comparing prices and retailers. The same goes for eBay and, where prices are often lower than on many other sites with men's clothing, but research is necessary to find out which brands will suit your needs and why. In some cases, reviewers' feedback can point you in the right direction as far as sizing goes, too, because not all shirts always fit the same from brand to brand.

Best Custom Shirt

Best Custom Shirt allows you to customize your own tab collar shirt, so if your frame is normally hard to fit, that combined with the fact that tab collar shirts are less common than other styles does not mean you can't have one. You can choose your fabric, color, price, fit, and style.

Land's End

Land's End has men's dress shirts in the tab collar style, too. This particular button down is of a blue and white pinstripe pattern and has an elastic tab collar so that if the fit isn't exact, it's no problem. There is ¾" of give. The details also claim that the shirt will not have to be ironed for up to 50 washes. The shirt is also available in a white windowpane pattern or solids including light blue, straw yellow, and white.

King Sized Direct

At King Sized Direct, you can find the right sizes for yourself or those big and tall men in your life. This particular shirt is available in two shades of blue, black or white. Expect to pay between $24.99 and $32.99. Monogramming is also available. The shirt itself has a tab collar that gives up to one inch, a chest pocket, French front, adjustable cuffs, and box-pleated back yoke.

How to Wear Them

The tab style is not as common as other styles in men's business fashion and it's most often found on high-end and custom-made shirts. The way it works is based on a tab that attaches to the collar and underneath the tie, hidden by the knot. In addition, this style of shirt's buttons are typically covered by a flap of fabric that folds over to keep the buttons out of sight.

Men with long faces tend to look best in tab collar dress shirts. That's because the collar on this style tends to be higher and the spread is not as large as other styles. A necktie is also a must with this style of shirt. If you're not a guy who likes to iron, you're in luck. There are some choices out there that include non-iron men's tab collar dress shirts. You won't be wearing a wrinkled shirt simply because you didn't have time to iron.

Sophisticated Choice

Men's tab collar dress shirts are not a common dress shirt choice, but they are a sophisticated one. They also allow a certain degree of give around the neck, something that isn't always seen in other styles of men's shirts. If you're unfamiliar with the style but want to wear it, make sure to have a matching tie on hand. You'll need it.

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Men's Tab Collar Dress Shirt