Men's Winter Gloves

Stay cozy in comfortable winter gloves!
Men's Waterproof Winter Gloves

Cold weather season can strike abruptly or make a quiet appearance, but in either case it's good to be prepared with a pair (or two!) of men's winter gloves. Whether you're the type who prefers accessories chic and polished or just want something functional, you can rest assured you will find a great selection.

High Quality Men's Winter Gloves

As with any garment or accessory, a high quality pair of gloves is essential. Sure, it's easy to track down cheap options for a few bucks and hope for the best - and, truthfully, they may actually do the trick for a few months. If you really want something that will endure and stick with you from winter to winter, though, you may want to do some research before making your big purchase.

High quality gloves will keep your hands toasty in even the most frigid conditions. This is, of course, essential - but what else should you look for in your gloves? Consider these points before you plunk down a penny:

  • Does it match the rest of your cold weather wardrobe? At the very least, your gloves should complement your shoes and coat. If both of them are dark brown, you probably don't want to walk around with a pair of black gloves. Try a color that's relatively neutral, like camel, which goes well with blacks, browns, blues and more.
  • Does it suit your lifestyle? If you're an always-on-the-go sort who spends most of his time traveling for business, meeting associates and generally living a heavily social life, you might want to look toward dressy styles that convey a polished, classic attitude. Calfskin, suede, sheepskin and woven leathers are all great choices.
  • Are you more of an outdoorsy type? In that case, seek out styles that are more rugged than refined, and steer clear of anything that is "dry clean only."
  • Is being fashionable a top priority? If so, you probably already understand that certain gloves are designed for specific purposes. Avoid wearing ski gloves to the office, for example, and nix the work gloves on a brisk evening out. It's better to own a couple of pairs to suit various occasions.

Types of Winter Gloves

  • Convertible gloves typically feature a buttoned flap that can be undone to transform them into gloves without fingers. This is ideal for people who prefer to drive gloveless - it serves the purpose of keeping the hands warm while allowing the fingers to touch the steering wheel directly.
  • Performance gloves are great for on-the-go individuals who require a more rugged, utilitarian glove for their everyday purposes. They usually feature a moisture-wicking lining. They're ideal for skiing or other sports, but can just as easily be worn on an everyday basis if the occasion doesn't call for dressier gloves.
  • Weather-proof gloves serve a variety of needs: They're typically waterproof or water- and wind-resistant, and they're ideal to wear in exceptionally harsh conditions.


Men's winter gloves are available in a wide range of materials. Some styles are sleek and form fitting; others are thicker and plusher. These materials are often used in gloves, either on the exterior or as an interior lining:

  • Cashmere is often used to line leather gloves. It's a luxurious touch that feels exceptionally cozy during the winter. Leather/cashmere gloves also make great gifts!
  • Leather is, of course, quite common. Black leather is timeless, while other hues, like tan and chocolate, fit in well with most men's wardrobes.
  • Thinsulate is often used as insulation in everything from jackets to gloves. This material retains body heat, thereby ensuring that the wearer stays comfortable even in frigid conditions.

Where to Shop

If you're in search of a bargain (and aren't we all!), here are your best bets:

  • Sears and Target are instant one-stop shops for reasonably priced apparel. You'll find brand names like Isotoner and Dockers at Sears, while Target sells everything from leather to cashmere under $25.
  • Designer discounts can be tracked down at outlet stores and Bluefly, where the likes of Gucci are often marked down by up to 20 percent (and sometimes more). Keep an eye out for coupons; you'll likely score a great deal on a high-end item.
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Men's Winter Gloves