Men Church Fashions

A suit is still the standard for men's church attire.

Men's church fashions have changed considerably since the days when one's "Sunday Best" was just that - the best clothes one owned, unless you were wealthy and had evening attire. But for most men, the good suit was worn on Sundays and on other important occasions and there was no question of wearing anything else to church.

The Standards in Men's Church Fashions

Although many churches are fine with parishioners attending in casual clothes - shorts and T-shirts are not uncommon sights on summer days in modern churches - it's still understood that proper church attire for a man is a suit. The suits men prefer for church tend to be a bit less rigid than standard business suits, although this depends on the church. Some churches still have a strict dress code. Usually, a designer suit is preferred. This way, a man looks his best but draws a distinction between his church clothing and his weekday wear.

Conservative is the watchword in church attire. Ties should be color-coordinated, tied with a Windsor knot and free of ornamentation. A plain tie in a good fabric is best. Shoes, on the other hand, can have a bit of variety. You don't have to follow business or evening rules, so you can play up a bit of color if you like.

In a stylish church, hats are still worn by men and women alike. However, a man's church hat should be simple with a medium-sized brim. Fedoras are great for other dressy occasions, but too big and flashy for church.

More Casual Church Fashions

Churches won't turn anyone away who wants to worship, no matter how they are dressed, but they tend to prefer when people look respectful, thus honoring the venue. It's also understood, however, that modern society tends to be far more casual and people want to be comfortable. Especially for men who wear suits all week, they may be much happier getting to relax in casual clothes on the weekend.

Compromises can be reached. If a man prefers to spend his weekend wearing jeans, he might choose to wear dark jeans with no wear-and-tear or rips. He can top this with a dress shirt, polo shirt or even a T-shirt, although a plain T-shirt is considered the most appropriate if you choose this option. For a slightly more pulled-together look, an unstructured jacket or sport coat helps you look more respectful while still allowing you to be comfortable. Since larger churches can be chilly, you'll probably be happy you have the jacket.

Sneakers, even black ones, really are not appropriate, although again, it depends on the church. If you wish to wear sneakers, at least opt for a pair that are clean and not too flashy.

Shopping for Church Fashions for Men

If you are looking for a suit specifically to wear to church that feels appropriate for the venue but presents a change from your weekday wear, you should go to one of the better menswear shops and talk to a sales assistant. They are trained to know the distinction in the varieties of suits. Once they understand what sort of church you attend and what sort of look you want to present, they'll be able to guide you to a selection of men's church fashions that will be correct and conform to your ideas of what you want to wear on a Sunday.

If you need to opt for something less expensive, you can take a look at some online retailers to get ideas of what will work. Places like Del's Fine Fashions sell suits at low prices, but are geared specifically towards those looking for a good church suit. They also sell shirts and hats, so you can do most of your shopping at once and thus relax and have a nice time on Sunday.


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Men Church Fashions