Men Shorts 7 Inseam

seven-inch inseam

Men's shorts with 7" inseams tend to lean toward outdoor activities and sports, though those same shorts can be used as everyday casual wear. On the man of average height, these shorts will hit about mid-thigh, so they're perfect for guys who would rather their shorts stop short of their knees. Men who are shorter in stature won't have to worry about alterations. There are a few pairs that stand out among the small crowd of shorts with this particular inseam length. Wear them with T-shirts for ultimate comfort.

Wearing Men's Shorts with 7" Inseams

Men's shorts with 7" inseams come in a variety of styles for all the things you love to do outdoors. Whether you're a hiker or a runner, you can find something with the desired inseam length. You may have a tough time finding the 7-inch inseam, since many men's shorts have even longer inseams. Searching online takes some of the fuss out of shopping.

Where to Shop

Since browsing at a department store for a specific inseam can be time consuming and sometimes even discouraging, you may prefer to shop online. There, you can quickly check the inseam length, so finding men's shorts with 7" inseams is easier. Here are a few spots to visit online for multiple types of shorts with the appropriate inseam length:

  • ShoeBuy, believe it or not, has a pair of Patagonias with the 7-inch inseam you desire. They are the Patagonia Stand Up shorts, available in Alpaca Brown and Retro Khaki. These shorts are meant for wearing in the great outdoors and are made of cotton canvas. They were designed with climbing and hiking in mind. If for some reason you decide you like the shorts but not the inseam, you can choose a different length; there are three. At ShoeBuy, you'll get free shipping, free return shipping, and 100 percent price guarantee.
  • Game Time USA has a pair of Nike shorts that fits the bill, thanks to the 7-inch inseam. These shorts, with the Nike name attached, are definitely meant for sports; they're designed for running, though if you have another sport you love, you'll probably enjoy these shorts just the same. The outside is made of Dri-FIT 100 percent polyester Ripstop and the lining is made from Dri-FIT 100 percent polyester mesh. They stretch, thanks to a drawstring design, and they also come complete with pockets.

A Final Word

Searching for shorts with the inseam you would like may seem like a daunting task, but by shopping online, you're able to easily sift through the clothing that doesn't fit your needs. You can find shorts for men with 7-inch inseams for working outdoors, hiking for fun, or playing sports. This is a perfect length for shorter than average men or men who just don't want their shorts to hit their knees.

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Men Shorts 7 Inseam