Men in Suits and Ties

Men in Suits and Ties

Suits with ties are a classic look. This look screams both fashionable and professional. Men who wear a suit and tie are often seen in a different light and are taken quite seriously. They are appropriate for the office as well as for special events. Be aware of your individual style and taste and choose a suit and tie that best matches your preferences.

Look Sleek and Sharp

Look sleek and sharp in this classy suit/tie combo. A crisp light-colored shirt is the perfect compliment to this dark suit and bright tie. For a pop of color, use a silk pocket square to match your tie. This look is classy and sophisticated!

Bold Color

Slava Zaytzev takes the traditional suit and tie and turns it into something spectacular. The bold red suit is paired with a vest and bow tie in a complimentary pattern. Add a hat in the same shade as the suit to really turn heads. This look is not meant for the shy or timid. Expect to strike up conversation whenever you wear this!

Trendy Edge

A very trendy look is this suit and tie by Todd Snyder. The cut of the suit is classic but the color and black accents make it edgy and trendy. A basic black tie sets off the suit accents perfectly. Wear this look for when you want to attract attention and show off your individual style.

Change It Up

This suit by Stephen F. looks great with or without a tie. Shown here with a white dress shirt, it is perfect to take you from day to night. A dark colored suit is a staple in any man's wardrobe and can look different just by changing up the shirt and tie.

A Different Approach

Ego Men's Fashion takes a different approach to the suit and tie in this fun combination. This designer, tuxedo-style suit has a satin trim that makes it stand out. The complementary shades of the bow tie and pocket square give the suit some personality.

Show Your Fun Side

Clothes can show off your personality to the world. Have fun with your look in a unique suit like this one from Tommy Hilfiger. These colors, patterns, and fabrics may seem to clash at first, but once put together the look is cohesive. It is playful and festive.

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Men in Suits and Ties