Tight Jeans Styles for Men

Modern Denim for Guys


Modern denim for men includes many different styles of tight jeans. Depending on the specific cut of the jeans, the wash, and what top the pants are worn with, fitted denim can provide any look from sexy and ultra-casual to sleek and polished. Wearing jeans that you feel comfortable in and that will give you confidence has never been easier.

Dark Skinnny Jeans


Skinny jeans are one of the most popular looks in fitted denim for modern guys. These work best for guys with slim or straight figures and can be worn with many different types of shirts. A simple striped tee and lightweight cardigan paired with dark skinny jeans looks polished yet trendy.

Light Wash Skinny Jeans


Faded and lighter washes of skinny jeans offer a more relaxed look than darker washes. For a cool, casual vibe, pair faded skinny jeans with a simple v-neck tee and high top tennis shoes. The fitted calf and ankle of skinny jeans goes well with high top shoes because they have enough bulk to help balance the tight fit of the pants.

Fitted Straight Leg Denim


Straight leg jeans offer one of the most versatile styles in men's fitted denim. This style fits close to the body, but is less constrictive than skinny jeans. This is a good choice for guys who want a modern look that is not overly trendy,. The straight, clean lines of these jeans work well with almost any type of shirt.

Fitted Bootcut Jeans


Bootcut jeans for guys are available in many washes and are closely fitted through the seat and thigh. They have a straight leg with an ankle opening than can comfortably accommodate boots, though the classic style can easily be worn with almost any type of footwear.

Super-Skinny Jeans


Jeans that are labeled super-skinny or ultra-skinny are the tightest jeans for guys. These jeans fit extremely close throughout the seat, thigh, and leg. They are typically made with some stretch for comfort. This style is often worn by those who want to have an alternative or edgy look.

Fitted Cargo Jeans


If you like cargo-style jeans, you don't have to wear loose, shapeless styles. Choose a pair of black cargo jeans in a tight fit and wear them with a collared shirt and sport jacket for the perfect mix of polished and easy style.

Functional Fit


Some men wear tight jeans simply because their occupations or leisure pursuits are better suited for fitted denim than looser styles. In situations where loose, baggy jeans could get caught in machinery, hinder work, or cause a safety hazard, tight styles are definitely in order.

Trendy Tight Jeans for Fall


Tight jeans can look very trendy when paired with the right items. For fall, try a fitted sweater over a crisp white shirt. Finish the look with a scarf to pull it all together.

Warm-Weather Comfort


When warm whether hits, throw on a loose, lightweight cotton tank top or t-shirt with your favorite tight jeans. A slightly looser shirt will balance the jeans and keep you cool.

A Stylish Staple


Tight jeans can be a staple in many men's wardrobes. The different washes, accents, and style variations mean there are looks to meet any man's fashion personality, from conservative to punk to edgy. They are an item that can be worn season after season and are more than a passing fashion rend. This look is here to stay and can be updated with just a few simple changes, so guys can feel confident investing in tight-fitting denim to show off their style.

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Tight Jeans Styles for Men