Mens Banded Bottom Shirt

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A men's banded bottom shirt is a great casual look that many men prefer.

About Banded Bottom Shirts for Men

A tucked-in shirt provides a clean look, but many men struggle with getting shirts tucked in just right, and other men simply don't like the feeling of a tucked-in shirt for casual wear. Banded shirts typically have a mid-size band, but there are also styles that have slimmer and wider cut bands. They are often made out of jersey knits. A banded edge shirt makes a great alternative to a casual shirt, and has several of advantages.

A band bottom shirt typically has a stretchy band of fabric which is ribbed, giving it a comfortable feel. The look is often a cleaner style than an untucked shirt but comes with minimal effort. There is a substantial range of weights, colors, and styles, from fleece sweatshirts to light polos, and these shirts are available at many retailers, so finding one is no hassle. Another plus is that you can change the look depending on how you size the shirt - for example a larger size for a slouchy look, or something more fitted for a slightly more streamlined style. However, keep in mind that since the band will create some slouchiness, the style won't be extremely streamlined. Finally, these are common in both standard as well as big and tall styles so they can be purchased for most sizes.

Men's Banded Bottom Shirt Styles

The most common style of the men's banded bottom shirt is the polo. A classic polo can be worn tucked in or left out; a band bottom style polo provides a happy medium. Other shirt styles include:

  • Trail or camp shirts
  • Rugby style shirts
  • Fleece sweatshirts
  • Button detail pullovers
  • Crewneck styles
  • Long sleeved styles

Fabrics include cotton sheeting, pima cotton, cotton blends, mesh, microfiber, or polyester. While polyester may often be more economical, keep in mind that polyester does not absorb sweat well. A cotton or cotton blend is more breathable.

Shirts may have added details such as panels, pockets, buttons, or pleats. Some styles have banded sleeves as well. In addition to solid colors, there are geometric prints, windowpane patterns, stripes, dots, color blocked styles, and other designs ranging from subtle to unique.

Common brands of banded bottom shirts include:

  • Harbor Bay
  • Foxfire
  • Falcon Bay
  • D'Accord
  • LD Sport
  • Palmland
  • Haggar

How to Wear

Although banded shirts vary in design and style, they are considered a sport short and on the casual side. A polo style may be appropriate in informal work environments or on dress-down days in a normally more formal atmosphere.

Ribbed bottom shirts are perfect for men's casual and weekend wear. They are a classic-style shirt that pairs well with jeans, cargo pants, khaki slacks or casual pants, as well as denim or casual shorts.

Dress these shirts up for evening with dark denim jeans and a sport coat or blazer, or dress them down with jeans in a lighter denim wash and a casual jacket.

Where to Buy

You can find these shirts in the men's section of many department stores and menswear retailers, including the following:

  • Casual Male XL: Many styles and colors of long and short sleeved styles for the larger man.
  • Richard David for Men: A great selection of styles, including Hawaiian prints, bright graphic prints, and solid shirts with embroidered panels.
  • Land's End: Classic look banded bottom polos are available from this retailer.
  • Cabelas: Thick, rugged banded bottom shirts in cotton blends are available from this popular outfitter.

A men's band bottom shirt is a classic wardrobe piece that simultaneously offers comfort and a pulled-together look. Its effortless wear and variety of color and design options make it a staple for any man's closet.

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Mens Banded Bottom Shirt