Men's Business Suit Styles

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There are many business suit styles for men to choose from that are fashionable and professional. From classic to trendy, men can include a range of styles in their wardrobe that work well for the office and for meetings.

Types of Men's Business Suit Styles

There are several styles of men's business suits. The main differences between them are the cuts. Typically, men's suits are created from similar fabrics with similar tailoring guidelines in mind. Some of the most popular types of men's suits are:

  • Double-breasted suits have two rows of buttons that run parallel to each other down the front of the suit jacket. This style of suit is considered the most conservative type.
  • Single-breasted suits only have one row of buttons running down the front of the suit jacket. The number of buttons range from two to three, commonly, or four for suits for taller men.
  • British suits have moderately tapered sides, two vents and little to no shoulder padding.
  • Italian suits, much coveted for their fine style, usually have padded shoulders, no vent and tapered sides.
  • American suits are considered a little more casual with a level of shoulder padding between the British and Italian styles, minimally tapered sides and one walking vent.
  • Contemporary suit styles are those that don't fit within any of these conservative guidelines and are considered "trendy."

The Three-Piece Suit


The three piece suit is not as popular as two piece styles, but some men prefer it over others. This suit consists of trousers, a jacket, and a vest. It is more conservative and bulkier than a traditional suit. One downside to this suit is that since it adds extra bulk around the stomach area, those looking for a slim and tailored look may not prefer the look. On the other hand, those wanting to hide a troublesome spot such as the middle may prefer the vest due to its concealing ability.

Attention to Detail

In addition to the basic cut of the suit, many feature special details to make them stand out. For example, the cuffs of most men's suits feature three or four buttons. The buttons are purely decorative, as the sleeves are sewn closed. However, some higher-end suits feature a doctor's cuff, which can be unbuttoned.

Choose the Right Suit for the Occasion

The type of suit that you wear often depends on the situation that you plan on wearing it to. For example:

  • Job interview: Choose a suit such as a single or double breasted style that is understated and conservative. A color such as black, grey or navy is ideal. Wear your suit with a plain white shirt and a tie done in a solid color.
  • Power meeting: Show that you are all business by showing up in a suit that is bold and serious. A double breasted suit done in basic black is ideal. Wear it with a crisp shirt and bold red tie and you are sure to be taken seriously.
  • For work: If you have a job that requires a suit as part of the dress code, you should have several options on hand. Simple styles in colors such as tan, grey, black and navy can be paired with different shirts and ties to give you multiple looks from a single suit. Trendy styles as well as traditional suits can be worn for the office.

Shopping Options

Business suits can be found at specialty men's stores as well as online. Most major department stores also offer a selection on their racks. There are many business suit styles to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Jos. A. Bank

Jos. A. Bank features a range of suits appropriate for business wear. Their collection includes suits by Signature Gold, Travelers and Business Express. The great thing about this retailer is the promotions that they feature. You can often take advantage of deals such as buy one suit and get two free.

Some business suits to check out include:

  • Executive 2-Button Wool Suit: This suit is made from lightweight premium wool. It can be worn year round and features two buttons in the front and soft shoulders. The jacket is fully lined and the pleated trousers are half-lined to the knee.
  • Traveler Tailored Fit 2 Button Suit: For those looking for a suit that can be taken with your while you travel, this one is for you. It has a narrow lapel and is done in a slim cut. It is constructed from natural stretch wool and is extremely comfortable. It is a bit more trendy in style and features details such as a higher two button front jacket with side vents, plain front pants and a button-though back besom pocket.

Men's Wearhouse


Men's Wearhouse features a wide range of suits from top designers such as:

  • Bill Blass
  • Calvin Klein
  • Geoffrey Beene
  • Jones New York
  • Joseph Abboud
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Lauren by Ralph Lauren

Some popular business options include:

Shop for modern suits that fit close to the body, get suit style advice, and browse by color, material, or brand at this site.

Finishing Touches

Once you've selected the perfect suit for you, all you have left to purchase is a nice dress shirt and a tie. You'll be all set for that next important meeting.

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Men's Business Suit Styles