Choosing Casual Sport Coats


Men's casual sport coats come in handy for today's generation of young business professionals, for whom even formal tends to mean casual. Designed for comfort and a more laid-back look, the new generation of professionals prefer this well-dressed - yet never stuffy - ensemble.

Where To Buy

While there are plenty of online shops in which to purchase a sport coat, it is recommended you buy in person. Sizing can be tricky, and if you are able to actually try on the jacket, and perhaps pair it with one of your own shirts, you are likely to be more satisfied with your choice.

  • JCPenney is one store that sells a great variety of men's sport coats, and often has appealing price mark downs. Once you've found a coat you're happy with, you can always visit their extensive web site to order the same one in a different color or style.
  • Target also carries a good selection of menswear, and again, they focus on reasonable prices. With fun brands such as Mossimo, you will get to experience unique fabrics and styles not found elsewhere.
  • If you just don't have the time to peruse the mall, or you are looking for something a bit more upscale, try a reputable website like Neiman Marcus, which prides itself on quality products that will stand the test of time.

No matter where you choose to shop, a sport coat will provide you with an impressive and classic look no matter where life takes you.

What To Look For

When purchasing casual sport coats, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind.

  • First, be on the lookout for a fabric that allows you to "breathe" if you will be wearing it for long stretches of time. Many sport coats are made out of a polyester/wool blend; however, some are manufactured out of cotton and other materials that are more forgiving.
  • Secondly, you will want to pick out a coat you can wear year-round. Fortunately, most are acceptable in this department, but you will still want to look for seasonal buttons, fickle hues, or anything else that doesn't allow for an easy transition into the varying seasons. Some men prefer to purchase a black or navy coat for fall and winter, and then opt for a tan version for warmer weather. What you select will depend upon your lifestyle and purpose for wearing. Remember: It is always in your best interest to invest in a piece you can get the most mileage out of.
  • Finally, choose a sport coat that is wrinkle-free and stain resistant. Most guys aren't known for being devoted to their ironing board, and chances are your coat will need to go through a dry cleaner. Save yourself time and expense by choosing a coat that can go longer between washings. Some now include Teflon© coating, known for stopping a stain in its tracks.

Tips for Wearing

Sport coats are a great choice if you find yourself with an important job interview or appointment where you aren't sure how to dress. They are neutral and inoffensive, showing you care without trying to overly impress. Since they usually come in a dark or muted color, they will also likely complement other pieces of your wardrobe, saving you money for the things you really want to buy! A sport coat's look is easily changed by incorporating a T-shirt, button down shirt or various ties, providing you with incredible versatility. Pair a coat with slacks for work and jeans for an evening out, and you've got the whole day covered.

Enduring Fashion

Sport coats have been around for quite some time, and their fashion endurance can be credited to their wearing flexibility. From restaurants to business meetings, men's casual sport coats are widely accepted as appropriate attire. Beyond that, they are much more comfortable than a standard suit, which is ideal in this day and age where comfort is key when it comes to male fashion. For men who just can't picture themselves in a suit every day, owning a sport coat is the perfect compromise, allowing them to look put together without much effort.

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