Mens Chambray Pants

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A pair of men's chambray pants is a sensible addition to any well-rounded wardrobe. These versatile bottoms are comfortable, affordable and available in a wide variety of colors to suit nearly any occasion!

About Chambray

Chambray is a type of cotton that is tightly woven for a crisp, sturdy finish. Though it is used for a number of purposes, it is primarily found on work shirts and pants in men's fashion. Since it is woven so closely, the material tends to exude a certain sheen, although it is not considered shiny by any stretch.

Though it is available in various colors, in its most traditional blue form it bears a very close resemblance to denim, at least from afar. It is, however, much softer than stiff denim and is more lightweight and comfortable in warm weather.

Choosing Men's Chambray Pants

By their very nature, men's chambray pants are relatively low-key and relaxed. Their cut is ever so slightly slouchy, just enough that they appear more casual than dressy. At the same time, they are quite polished in appearance, and look great with a smart, tucked-in shirt and belt. They can also be worn with crisp polo shirts for a more cool, laid-back look.

Since chambray is so lightweight, it is generally favored for use during warmer periods of the year. Men who live in consistently warm climates may be able to get away with wearing them year round, but in general they are wonderful to wear in the springtime and during summer, especially as an alternative to jeans or shorts. Certain styles also boast some stretch, which makes them very comfortable.

What to Look For

There are many types of chambray pants available on the market today, ranging from rugged to refined. Of course, they do all tend to share a certain understated quality. If you're looking for pants with a more pulled together appearance, choose those that feature crisp tailoring and double pleats. Avoid shades of blue that resemble stone washed denim; opt instead for a blue-gray or navy. You're much more likely to find a sports coat or blazer that matches it - and you'll likely be able to wear it to meetings and business lunches during summertime, too.

On the other hand, the chambray pant is considered the man's vacation pant of choice for a reason. This easy look is modern and effortless, and it can move from day to night with ease. They are also exceptionally practical travel pants; wearing them on a plane, for example, is a whole lot more comfortable than wearing a pair of jeans for hours!

Where to Purchase

At any given time, you'll find men's chambray pants at a variety of low- and high-end retailers. Stores such as JCPenney and Macy's both carry them from time to time, as these types of pants are essentially wardrobe basics. Young men, especially those in their late teens and 20s, will likely appreciate the varieties sold in the men's departments of stores such as H&M and American Apparel. Both design clothes with a more youthful slant, and their chambray pants are usually cut straight and quite slim. Some even feature patterns, like stripes. Note that slim pants do not flatter every figure, so it's wise to try them on prior to purchasing them.

With at least one pair of chambray pants in your wardrobe, you have an instant outfit for nearly any occasion. Whether you're headed to an outdoor party, a relaxed lunch date or just hanging out for the day, you can wear chambray pants in style - and feel confident that you look clean cut and smart even at your most casual.

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Mens Chambray Pants