Men's Christian Shirts


While men's Christian shirts aren't always mainstream, there are plenty of places to find them.

Why Men's Christian Shirts?

Many men who consider Christianity to be a major force in their life will enjoy a Christian shirt as a gift. Proclaiming your faith through fashion is not a new concept, however in recent years the shirt designs have gotten much less campy and uncool. What was once considered embarrassing apparel is now acceptable by cool Christian men of all ages.

The growing popularity of Christian music has also helped to increase demand for men's Christian shirts. Teenage boys especially will love being able to have a concert T-shirt for their favorite spiritual band, right along with the same style as their secular music shirts. Many Christian artists have received a fair bit of promotion through such shirts, meaning they are available for almost every musical group.

Lastly, Christian shirts can be a great compromise for a conservative family that doesn't want to stick to the typical button down or polo shirt every Sunday morning. Such t-shirts gives a more laid back look without coming across as sloppy or disrespectful.

Where to Find Them

Christian t-shirts are much easier to find than in years past, however it can still be tricky if you don't know where exactly to look. Christian bookstores are always a good first pick for those looking for such apparel. Many cities have such a store, and the larger chains have websites.

Check out the Local Churches

Large churches, sometimes known as mega-churches, also sometimes have a small café or bookstore inside one of their buildings, usually near the sanctuary lobby. Many of these sell Christian clothing, or can recommend a nearby location that does.

Festivals are Another Option

If you attend a Christian festival such as Spirit West Coast or one of its Midwest or East Coast alternatives, you will be overwhelmed with the amount of Christian tees available. Several will be sold for each band that plays the event, and there will be non-musical shirts up for grabs as well. Christian festivals and concerts are the best place to get unique Christian shirts for men, as they are oftentimes only available during that specific weekend, making them much more of an impressive find.

What Christian Shirts Aren't

While Christian tees are a great way to express your faith and show that you find your strength in something higher, they can also at times be campy or offensive. When you are selecting a shirt to buy, think about those who will be seeing it. Chances are, not everyone in your life agrees with your faith views.

Moreover, while anything is possible, few have been converted by reading a t-shirt slogan. In fact, the very opposite may take place. Shirts that mock other religions or have such an "in your face" message that may be considered offensive are never a wise idea. Many focus on the gore of the crucifixion, or come across as so one-sided; you may be making people squirm by wearing what you would otherwise consider just a comfortable shirt. Be conscientious of those around you when making your selection, as it is important to represent your faith appropriately, steering clear of outright aggression or offense.

Men's Christian shirts can make great gifts and can carry an even greater message, when a little time and thought is put into the purchase.

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Men's Christian Shirts