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Men's club wear is fun, sexy, and more adventurous than anything for the office. Nights and weekends out are the perfect time for you to express yourselves through fashion in a way you don't get to do every day.

Where to Buy

You can purchase a variety of men's clothing that is appropriate for clubs and is quite fashionable at most department stores and retail chains. The key to pulling together a successful club outfit is to incorporate your personal style into your ensemble. Resist the urge to wear a carbon copy of an outfit on a mannequin if it doesn't correspond with your normal fashion sense.

Places to start your shopping include:

  • Urban Outfitters: Vintage tees, brand name sneakers and denim
  • Banana Republic: Sporty and dressy casual fashions that can easily go from day to night
  • Express: A healthy mix of suits, casual separates and denim
  • Gap: Comfy and affordable men's fashions good for practically all occasions
  • Macy's: Signature department store with a wide variety of men's clothing
  • Nordstrom: High-end designers, dressy and casual looks
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: Men's clothing for the office, the club and everything in between

Types of Men's Club Wear

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There are a myriad of clothing options available to you when you want to step out for a night at a hot club. There really are no set rules for what you can wear, as long as you adhere to the set dress code rules of the club you go to.

Some typical men's club wear includes:

  • Classic dress shirts: A classic dress shirt is appropriate for virtually any occasion and can be paired with denim, slacks or leather pants for the club.
  • Vintage/logo tees: Vintage/logo tees afford you the opportunity to wear your favorite teams, designers or establishments with a nice pair of jeans or shorts.
  • Fitted tees: Show off all that hard work in the gym and pair a comfy fitted tee underneath a suit or as an accent to your choice of bottoms.
  • Tanks and sleeveless tops: Nightclubs can get pretty hot and stuffy, so wearing a tank top or one without sleeves is a good way to keep cool, especially paired with cargo shorts or khakis.
  • Embellished denim: It may be a little too flashy for daytime, but embellished denim is great for the club when worn with classic tees.
  • Leather clothing: Although it can get a little binding and hot, leather looks great with dress shoes, jeans or a pair of slacks.
  • Bold prints, patterns and colors: Stand out amongst the dark club lights with bold prints, patterns and colors. Be sure to keep the rest of your outfit minimal to avoid overkill.
  • Casual and skinny ties: Bring an element of dressy casual to the club with ties in varying widths. They also look good with classic dress shirts and casual ones.
  • Classic, skinny and trendy jeans: Jeans are probably the most popular club attire and they happen to go with almost anything.
  • Dressy casual pants or slacks: Top with a blazer, vest or denim jacket for a hot look.
  • Blazers or sport coats: Adds a little polish to a casual look when paired with denim, shorts or slacks.

Do's and Dont's of Men's Nightclub Fashions

man in bright shirt and cool jacket

While a nightclub is probably the one place where you can break free when it comes to showcasing eclectic tastes in fashion, there are some dos and don'ts, even when it comes to club wear.

  • Do wear the outfit for a while prior to going out to make sure it fits well and you are comfortable.
  • Do wear something that makes you feel confidant. If you're wearing something too far out of your comfort zone, you won't have as much fun or project the confidence you want to present.
  • Do choose bright or bold colors that enhance your skin tone and hair color.
  • Do make sure your shoes match the level of formality of your outfit.
  • Do make sure you know the club's atmosphere and if they have a dress code.
  • Don't dress too sexy. Looking sexy is a common aim of men's nightclub fashion, and today's low cut shirts for men make it easier than ever to show off what you have. However, remember to balance your look so you're not coming off looking overly sexy or egocentric rather than confidant. A tight pant and mesh shirt might be overkill.
  • Don't try out all the trends in one night. Choose a club look that incorporates classic and trendy. Pair a classic black pant with a bright 80s inspired shirt, for example, or a trendy V-shaped trouser with a classic tee and casual blazer.
  • Don't wear hoodies or sweats. You want to be casual, but still polished -- not like you are going to the gym. Sandals and flip flops are also usually too casual.
  • Don't wear rude or offensive t-shirts.

Final Club Wear Considerations

Finish off your club wear ensemble with accessories that are equally appropriate and complementary. Since you're in a club setting, wearing more jewelry than normal is acceptable, just make sure that it is not overdone because it can prove to be a distraction and take away from your clothing.

Your shoes should foremost be comfortable. Clubs are crowded, which means standing for long periods of time is expected, and if you combine dancing, your feet are in for a long night. Keep in mind that wearing men's club clothing is a great opportunity to have fun and let your hair down where fashion is concerned, so don't hold back.

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