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Men's corduroy Docker jeans are a perfect option for style and comfort on a cold weekend or for an event where you want a relaxed but still smart look. Combining the classic design of Levi's Dockers with the warmth and good look of corduroy is an idea whose time has definitely come and needs to be worn around town.

Brief History of Dockers

Levi's, who of course were rightly famous for their jeans, came out with Dockers in 1986. For the first time, men were not forced to choose between the formality of a suit trouser or the complete casualness of jeans. The weekend wear available to men in decades previous had still tended towards the formal in fit and fabric. Now, there was an option that was relaxed and casual, but still looked professional and put together.

As men's business wear became more casual, the khaki Dockers were a perfect choice, first for casual Fridays and later for daily wear that suited a more dressed down but still serious environment. Dockers remain hugely popular and continue to grow, with options for women and big and tall sizes. You can choose from relaxed fit, classic fit, slim fit, straight fit and even a series of matching shirts. Now, there is also corduroy.

Options in Men's Corduroy Docker Jeans

Dockers remain popular by doing two things. They retain their classics so that a man can continue to find the trouser that works for him every year. They also develop new options, allowing men to continually develop their style, even just for casual wear.

During warmer months, there is only one option in men's corduroy Docker jeans available on the official Docker website.

The 5-Pocket Corduroy jean

This jean is one of Docker's most popular items. The fabric is a narrow wale corduroy that has been treated with an enzyme wash and a blasting. This means that the trouser is already soft and relaxed when you purchase, so you don't have to endure several stiff wearings to break it in. Docker believes that comfortable clothes should be comfortable at point of purchase. Features include:

  • The classic fit of this jean is eased through the seat and thigh, with a flattering flat front and slightly tapered leg.
  • The back pockets are triple stitched for tough wear.
  • The fabric is 55% cotton and 45% polyester and is machine washable.
  • The color options are khaki, explorer green and chestnut brown.
  • Sizes are from 30Wx30L to 34Wx30L.

While pleated corduroys are not currently available at most shops, you can find them remaindered at a number of websites. The pleated jeans give a more timeless, professional look while maintaining a sturdy, comfortable fit. They are designed to sit at the waist and have four pockets and a zipper fly. The durable fabric makes them perfect for chilly days.

When to Shop

The best times to search for men's corduroy Docker jeans is towards the end of summer, when stores reveal their autumn stock. Corduroy is very much an autumn fabric, although it can be worn into winter in some climates. You can also take your chances and wait to purchase until the jeans go on sale in spring, but there will be fewer color and size options at this time.

Taking Care of Corduroy

Corduroy is prized as a durable, attractive fabric that adds extra warmth and style to a garment. It is a long-lasting fabric, but if you want it to stay in its best condition, you must use a bit more care than you would with other jeans. Corduroy jeans should always be buttoned or zipped and turned inside-out before washing. It is best to wash them on cold and then hang them to dry. Whether you are hanging or drying them by machine, you should shake them out first. If you wish to iron them, do so on the wrong side of the fabric. A light brush will straighten out a flattened wale.

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