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Men's denim jackets are a classic. Whether you want to channel your inner country boy with your rugged denim style or branch out into something a little different, there's a denim jacket for you.

Types of Men's Denim Jackets

Sure, there's the classic medium blue denim jacket that hits at the waist or hips, has two pockets on the front, and closes with buttons. Perhaps that isn't your style or the color you want to wear. There are other types of denim jackets for men in addition to the classic style that you might like to wear.

The Classic

This button-up, collared style is often lightweight and made from 100 percent medium blue denim. They tend to look worn in and taking care of them is a breeze-machine wash. If you choose to dry in the machine, take note of the fabric when you purchase your jacket or when you choose your dryer setting. Cotton could shrink if dried on high heat.

Classic men's denim jackets like this can be found at Gap in regular or big and tall sizes. You may also find them in other colors, like gray and black, in stores that sell casual outerwear for men, like American Eagle. The classic style works for rule-followers and those who believe rules were meant to be broken alike because it's not an especially preppy style nor is it stigmatized and associated with rebels as black leather jackets sometimes are. Another classic style option is the Paper Denim Cloth Button Closure Denim Jacket.

The Military Style

The more structured military style, such as the one from Royal Underground found at Neiman Marcus, hits lower on the hips than the classic style and is available in options like black denim. If you feel that you need more pockets, this one delivers. You get the two typical front pockets that the classic style offers, plus two more lower on the front. Other things that make the military denim jacket stand out: epaulets, flap closures on the pockets, and sometimes a zipper closure with a button flap that lies on top.

The Motorcycle

If you want something edgier than the other two options, but don't want to jump into black leather just yet, the motorcycle style, like the one found at might fit your needs (and be cooler and less expensive than leather!). The motorcycle style jackets from Jafrum come with removable armor and are available in blue or black. There's a zippered pocket, zippered front closure, zippered sleeves, adjustable sides, and vents for comfort. The comments on the website may prove helpful in choosing a size or deciding if the jacket is right for you, so be sure to take a look before ordering.

Finding Your Denim Jacket

You could spend a lot on a designer denim jacket if you like, but men's denim jackets are everywhere, from the thrift stores and eBay to department stores and even upscale stores. Brand names extend from Lee to Paper Denim Cloth. Though denim is traditionally blue, you don't have to limit yourself to a blue jacket. There are plenty of styles in black and gray as well. The jackets are versatile just as most denim items are, so they're bound to see plenty of use once purchased.

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