Men's Designer Cardigan Sweater Pictures

Designer Cardigans

Cardigan sweaters are the perfect addition to any outfit. They can provide a layer of warmth while keeping you looking fashionable and stylish. Cardigans are no longer reserved for the older generation but are now worn to look trendy and in fashion.

This Asaf Garnot cardy is simple in design, and can be dressed up or down. Wear it alone for a unique look.

Sleek and Fitted

This designer cardigan sweater by Todd Snyder is fitted and sleek. It is done in a tight black knit that zips up the front. Try it layered over a shirt and tie for a polished look.

Layered Warmth

Perry Ellis layers a vest over a cardigan sweater for a sleek look that is perfect for colder days. A cardigan can be worn in endless ways and in varying combinations. Experiment with styles to find one that best suits your taste.

Add Some Interest

This designer cardigan is from Sergio Davila. It not only adds a layer of warmth but a layer of interest as well. The simple stripe done in contrasting colors will compliment an otherwise plain outfit.

Old School Style

Todd Snyder updates an old-school style cardigan by using a softer yet bulkier knit. The pattern adds just enough detail to make this sweater something special. Try it over a plain tee and pair it with jeans for a cozy look on a cold day, or add warmth over a basic dress shirt.

Bold Color

Billy Reid designed this men's cardigan in a retro, goldenrod shade. A bold color such as this goes great with a plain pair of jeans, and makes layering with neutral colors and prints a breeze.

Classic Style

This classic men's cardigan is from Todd Snyder. It is done in a soft knit that is fitted. It can be worn over just about anything and will be one of the most versitile items in your closet. The timeless style can be worn season after season.

Basic Black

A basic black cardigan such as this one from Robert James is a classic item that can be worn for years. The button-front style can be worn alone or layered over a simple shirt.

Get even more great looks with this gallery of men's designer fashions.

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Men's Designer Cardigan Sweater Pictures