Men's Designer Fashions

Designer Fashions for Men

Men's designer fashions can take many different forms as each designer strives to make his or her vision a reality. Some of these fashions are work appropriate while others are better worn after hours, but all of them carry that hallmark of a designer's name: true creativity. This particular design is from Nautica and is both classic and work-friendly.

Splash of Color

Unexpected color can lend a touch of freshness and style to an otherwise neutral outfit. Even though the color found in this Perry Ellis style isn't particularly bright, it stands out against the brown jacket and pants.

Patterns on Neutrals

Wearing bold colors isn't the only way to stand out. Neutral tones like gray can become show-stoppers when they feature bold and unusual patterns. This stylish patterned shirt from Michael Bastian is a great choice for confident guys who enjoy being the center of attention.

Traditional Style

Traditional can be stunning. If you're not comfortable outside of mainstream men's fashions, a button-up with clean, crisp lines paired with nice slacks, a sweater, and comfortable leather shoes can go a long way. This Todd Snyder look is the perfect example.

Sleek Black Suit

If you're looking for something unexpected to wear for an occasion that calls for a jacket, a trendy suit, like this one by Affair, provides a crisp, clean look that is a perfect blend of modern and classic style.

Modern White Suit

This bright, monochromic white suit is paired up nicely with a patterned oxblood shirt and pocket square at the Sofia Fashion Week in Bulgaria. It's a summertime option for guys who like to stand out.

Neutral Suit

Black and white are the most common colors in men's fine fashion, but you may want to consider lighter tones, like this suit from Joseph Abboud, as well. Turn heads and stay cool in neutrals and try a monochromatic look.

Bold Three-Piece Suit

If you're bolder, you can take a classic combo and choose a pattern paired with an unexpected twist to make your statement. This three-piece ensemble from Stephen F layers solids and patterns beautifully, demonstrating your outside-the-box choices with eloquence.

Toned-Down Standout

A more toned-down version of the Stephen F combination is accomplished by choosing a monochromatic look that relies on texture to shake things up. This Perry Ellis ensemble is the perfect example of going beyond the traditional without attracting too much attention to yourself.

Edgy Formalwear

If you're attending a formal occasion, you don't necessarily have to stick with the traditional rented tuxedo or tails ensemble. A designer suit can fit the bill nicely, depending on the occasion and the look of the suit. This ensemble from Stephen F takes a traditional tux look and makes it edgy with a bright color and unexpected lines.

Contrasting Fabrics

Layer unexpected pieces, like a chunky knit sweater and colorful jacket. Perry Ellis pulls the slightly trendy look off effortlessly here. The cerulean sweater picks up the bits of blue in the jacket here for an unusual look that somehow works quite well.

Varsity Style

Varsity style is elegantly updated with deep, rich shades of blue and rust, and accented with a crisp white and silver striped button-up. All the colors of this David Hart look are complementary and work seamlessly, even with a couple of patterns thrown in.

Designer Jacket

Greet fall or winter with a forest green coat in a traditional peacoat style. The gray-blue of the pants and the textured finish of the jacket from Valentin Yudashkin pull together brilliantly in this look, and the black shirt and shoes offer the perfect background to let these muted colors shine.

Casual Combination

Casual combinations can be considered fine men's fashion, too. The designer comes into play here. This Carlos Campos ensemble is the perfect blend of sophisticated and edgy. Take a trench coat and toss it over a pair of well-tailored charcoal gray slacks and a black shirt; you're on your way to turning heads.

Sweater and Slacks

If you prefer the classic comfort of a sweater and slacks, you'll love old school favorites like these items from Nautica's collection. Rich, muted colors and body-conscious designs like these keep your choices far from boring.

Practical Accessories

Backpacks are not just for kids, and when the bag blends as effortlessly as this one does, that sentiment is all the more true. Clean lines and pieces of eye-catching color mean that Perry Ellis has served up another winner. Don't forget to complete your designer look with other important accessories, including neckties, scarves, gloves and more.

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