Men's Designer Neckties

Stylish Men's Designer Neckties

Men's designer neckties can complete an outfit and turn it into something special. Try these necktie trends to update your existing wardrobe. Adding a trendy tie to a suit or dress shirt is a simple way to freshen up your look. The black tie shown here by Michael Bastian adds a classy touch to the modern outfit.

Bold Contrast

A statement-making pattern can have a big impact. A tie can also be the focal point of the outfit and add a touch of color. The wide striped design on this necktie by Tommy Hilfiger brightens up the outfit and creates a modern look.

Unique Look

A short, wide tie like this one by Joseph Abboud is both trendy and unique. It turns a simple look into something more cutting-edge, and the pattern lends dimension and class to the ensemble. You can easily add more interest to a black and white outfit with a patterned tie.

Tone on Tone

Todd Snyder uses a tone-on-tone approach to this tie and shirt combination. The resulting look is sophisticated and sleek. Be careful duplicating this look, if you don't choose hues that match, this look can clash and become less than flattering.

Classic Style

A black tie by Michael Bastian is shown layered under a black jacket for a cool, carefree style. This look is trendy and fashionable while still having classic appeal.

Far From Ordinary

This dark purple tie has a trendy look, but it can be worn with numerous items. Paired with a jacket in a brighter purple hue, the result is a great modern style. The deep color is suitable for casual and professional wear, so it would look sleek under a dark neutral suit as well.

Bright Colors

A skinny tie in a bright color such as blue is a trendy look. This striking tie by Stephen F offers a uniqe appeal that creates a strong visual impact. Its clean lines also work well for men who want to make a fashion statement in a modern way.

Dramatic Approach

A skinny tie in a bold color such as this dark pink one from Gucci takes a dramatic approach. Paired with a colorful patterned shirt and jacket, it is an attention-getting look perfect for the man who likes to make a splash by wearing bold apparel.

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Men's Designer Neckties