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The classic fedora is still the most popular choice in men's hats.

Up until the 1960s, it was a matter of course that men's dress hats were an important part of every man's wardrobe. Some men had several, others only one but they were as integral as suits and ties. While they're now the exception rather than the rule, wonderful hats can still be found and men who care about good style are more than ready to wear them.

The Classic Fedora

The most popular style of men's hat remains the classic fedora; the soft felt hat that is creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides.

Variations on the fedora can be seen in all selections of good hats online and in local shops. The width of the brim and shape of the crown make it a stylish hat that looks good on just about everyone - which is why it was so universally popular from its inception in the late nineteenth-century through the 1950s.

Shopping for Men's Dress Hats

Selecting a hat, beyond a baseball cap, is not as easy as it once was. Most men don't automatically know their measurements and are unsure what looks good on them. This can be solved by going to a respectable hat shop, getting measured and trying on hats. If you don't live in a major city you may not be able to find a hat shop locally. While it is best to try hats on before buying them, you may need to shop online.

Hats in the Belfry

Fortunately, the online purveyors of men's dress hats are more than willing to help. At Hats in the Belfry, you can determine your hat size via a handy chart. If you're still not sure what's right for you, you can call or email the customer service department for further advice. Once you know your size, they have 23 dress hats from which to choose. Some of these include:

  • The Bogart. Named for one of the most famous wearers of fedoras, this black wool snap fedora has a black grosgrain band and cotton sweatband. It can be worn with the back brim either up or down. It is an excellent investment because it can be either a dressy or a casual hat, as you choose. It is also packable, crushable and comes with a removable feather.
  • The Executive. A snappy little hat that comes in black, brown or dark gray. It features a small brim which can be worn up or snapped down. It's made of wool felt and has a grosgrain band and sharp feather.
  • Jett Pork Pie. Get your Buster Keaton on in a fully lined tawny pork pie hat with a two inch snap brim.
  • The Christy's Super Fino Panama Fedora. A Christy's hat is far more expensive than many others, and worth every penny. Their hats are made by skilled craftsmen using techniques developed over 200 years ago. The bulk of the work is done by hand, making each hat a work of art. The Panama Fedora is made of super-fine Panama grade and has a cotton blend sweatband and 2 1/2 inch brim. It is a perfect hat for spring and summer events.

Felt Hats

For more men's dress hats, you can browse the selection at Felt Hats, where all the hats are, obviously, felt and very fine. Some of their dress hats include:

  • The Godfather Homburg. A smooth finish fur felt hat in black or brown.
  • The Churchill Homburg. Classy and reminiscent of the statesman it's named for, this smooth finish fur felt with a rolled edge comes in black, brown, burgundy, camel, navy, tan or steel gray.
  • The Sutton. A soft hat similar to what a 1940s businessman might wear, it has a president finish fur felt and comes in black, brown, navy or steel gray.

You may also want to buy a hat box to store your hat. After making that kind of investment, you want to keep it in perfect condition!

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Mens Dress Hats