Men's Dress Shirts

Versatile Dress Shirts

Owning several dress shirts is a must for anyone who cares about fashion and wants to look his best. Dress shirts are a versatile addition to any wardrobe and can be worn in many different ways.

Whether you pair one with a suit or choose to wear it on its own, a dress shirt looks polished and stylish.

Lightweight Choice

This breezy white dress shirt by The Control Sector is done in a lightweight material and looks great unbuttoned. It can be worn with a pair of dressy jeans or a pair of dark pants.

Eye Catching

Richard Chai's cross striped dress shirt is sure to catch the eye of those around you. It can be worn with a solid bow tie in the same color as the stripes for a more formal look.

This striped shirt is not your basic dress shirt and is sure to be a fun addition to your wardrobe.

Classic White

A classic white dress shirt is a must for any man. This one, featured at Concept Korea, is perfect for formal occasions and will complete your look when worn with a suit or tuxedo. You don't need a designer shirt to pull off this look though - any high quality, basic white dress shirt will do.

Funky Patterns

Perry Ellis created this funky, colorful shirt for the man who wants to be the center of attention. Why settle for a plain old dress shirt when you can own a fabulous one like this?

Dress shirts come in a wide range of patterns and colors so be sure to own at least one in a fun design.

Feel Fresh

Duckie Brown offers this take on the classic white dress shirt for warmer days. The lightweight material and fun cut makes it a great option for casual summer days or even a night out.

Short Sleeve

Short sleeves, a fun pattern, and no collar makes this a great choice for warmer days. Designed by ADA + NIK, you can pair this shirt with jeans or dress pants with equal success.

Perfect Pairing

Jospeh Abboud pairs this striped dress shirt with a monochrome tie, jacket (or vest), and overcoat. The varied shades of grey pull the look together, giving it a coordinated appearance without overwhelming.

When you want to feel dressed up and need to look your best, men's dress shirts are your answer. Since they come in a many different styles, you're sure to find some that match your particular taste.

To check out more dress shirt styles, see this Exclusive Men's Designer Dress Shirts slideshow.

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Men's Dress Shirts