Mens Fitted Polyester Shirt

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A men's fitted polyester shirt is the perfect choice for a 70's theme party or a night out clubbing with your friends.

Popularity of Polyester

Polyester fabrics became popular in the 1970's. The Disco glam era took fashion to a new extreme. Men were seen in polyester shirts, often called disco shirts, everywhere from the dance floor to the local grocery store. Polyester fabric was often made in bright, bold colors and had combinations such as blue, orange, green and tan all on one shirt. Popular patterns that adorned the shirts were circles, triangles and zigzagged stripes. Two-tone polyester was also very popular. The appeal of polyester was due to its comfort, affordability and its wide range of patterns and colors.

Shirts were worn with open collars and had very large lapels. The bigger the lapel the more appealing it was to wear. A major fashion icon of the era was John Travolta who made it popular to pair a polyester shirt with a white suit. Men copied the look and wore it out to the discos.

Where to Find a Men's Fitted Polyester Shirt

Polyester shirts are no longer a mainstay in today's fashion. They are not easily found on the racks of your favorite department store or men's store. However, they are still out there waiting to be worn. Try searching your father's closet or the attic for a retro style shirt. Vintage polyester shirts can be found at your local thrift store or on the web. Try the following websites for an authentic polyester shirt straight out of the 70's:

  • Search to find an assortment of polyester shirts in many different styles and colors.
  • sells vintage polyester shirts that are in pristine condition and ready to wear.
  • At you can find one of kind vintage shirts in a variety of styles and colors. Some even have their original tags.

Styles of Polyester Shirts

Polyester shirts come in a wide range of styles. They can be button-down or pullover, have a v-neck or a collar or be short sleeve or long sleeve. Since, polyester shirts tend to be fitted, the size may run smaller than you are normally used to wearing. If buying online, be sure to check out the measurements before purchasing the shirt.

How to Wear Your Shirt

Take your look out of the 70's and create a more modern look by pairing your men's fitted polyester shirt with a pair of jeans and trendy shoes. This look is great to wear out clubbing to your local hotspot. By coordinating your outfit you can make your polyester shirt look very fashionable. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and have your shirt be the focus of your attire.

If you want to exemplify the look of the 1970's, pair your shirt with platform shoes, tight bell-bottom jeans and a high rise vest. Be sure to wear your shirt opened at the collar. You will look as if you just stepped off the disco dance floor and be the hit of any party.

Either way, polyester shirts can be a fun addition to any wardrobe.

Appropriateness of Polyester

A polyester shirt may not be appropriate for the workplace. It is not a mainstay in professional attire. A men's fitted polyester is best worn for fun. Nightclubs or parties are perfect places to show off your polyester. Wear one in pride and you will be sure to grab the attention of those around you.

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Mens Fitted Polyester Shirt