Mens Fleece Lounge Pants

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Whether he wants to look plain or wild, comfort is king when it comes to men's fleece lounge pants. On a chilly night, or lazy day, there's nothing so relaxing as getting to lounge in something soft, warm and cozy.

Lounging in Men's Fleece Lounge Pants

Lounging has become much more comfortable over the decades. It used to be that when a man wanted to relax at home, he did so in his ordinary clothes. Even a wealthy man could only dress as casually as fashion standards of the time allowed. Through the 1940s, the most a man might do to be comfortable, short of going to bed, was to put on a smoking jacket and house shoes or slippers.

Post war, more casual clothes began to be available, but even as recently as the 1970s, men's lounge clothes consisted of either sweatpants, which didn't necessarily have a soft lining, or long underwear, which couldn't be worn if one needed to go outside, however briefly. Men's fleece lounge pants are a relatively new phenomenon, but one that is only growing and so is likely here to stay.

Shopping Options

Fleece-lined pants are found in most men's sections of department stores, or wherever pajamas are sold. They can also be found all over the internet, and this may be the best place to shop. The loose and comfortable nature of men's fleece lounge pants means they don't have to be tried on for fit. So long as you establish the length and waist measurements, you can shop with ease.

Cabela's, which specializes mostly in outdoor wear, has a number of fleece pants to offer at any given time, although it, like most outlets, will have more choice when colder months approach. Their Timber Ridge pants come in charcoal with a trout print or burgundy with bears. They have an elastic waist, drawstring waistband and two pockets on each seam. They are available in sizes up to 3XL, so perfect for the big and tall man. Customer reviews are very positive, noting that they get even more comfortable over time. The only drawback is that pet hair can cling.

Popular shopping site Amazon has a large selection of lounge pants in a variety of colors and patterns. The Jerzees Open Bottom pant is very basic, in a cotton-poly blend with fleece lining. It has jersey-lined pockets and a drawstring waist.

If you want something a bit more fun - and lounging should certainly be fun - there is a large selection of pants with lively patterns. Funny Apparel makes Superman pants in the classic blue festooned with the Superman S logo. They are 100% polyester fleece and have a button fly, covered elastic waistband and drawstring.

For something cool but subtle, try the Bottoms Out Army pants in army green. They have a ribbed elastic waistband with drawstring, open full legs, contrast stitching and side seam pockets.

When you want something very basic, you can rarely do better than Gap. They have fleece sweatpants in black and gray, all with a drawstring waist. They also have a pair of lounge pants that are lined with a fluffy material that, while not fleece, is touted for its high comfort.


Fleece pants should be inexpensive wherever you shop, but if you want something special like organic fabric, you can find deals on sites like Sierra Trading Post. Their selection will vary, of course, because they specialize in closeouts, but if you're lucky you can snap up a deal like Sportif USA Pulse pants in fleece at 40% off the original price. It's worth it to sign up for email alerts from Sierra, as you can find excellent products at rock-bottom prices - which will make relaxing that much more enjoyable.

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Mens Fleece Lounge Pants