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Men's fluorescent t shirts are still popular today for a variety of uses. Read on to discover when and where to buy these bright additions to any wardrobe, as well as why it's a good idea to stay more neutral at times!

The Height of Popularity

When presented with the word "fluorescent", your mind is most likely flooded with flashbacks from the 1980s, where abnormally vibrant hues rocked the pages of fashion catalogs. From the beach to the streets, electric blue and neon lime were easily spotted. Fortunately, today's men's fluorescent t shirts show a bit more discretion, blending with shades a bit easier on the eyes, and fitting in where appropriate. While more low profile these days, don't dismiss this clothing trend completely. You'll be surprised to discover just how functional a brightly colored tee can be, and men will love the versatility of this casual look.

Summer Party Time

When neon made its debut, it was presented as an outgoing and laid back alternative to standard colored threads. Today, the rules remain basically the same, as men's fluorescent t shirts are still popular for a variety of party looks. Obviously, a 1980s party would be a first choice when it comes to theme dressing with a day-glow wardrobe piece. However, a bright shirt is also perfect for a luau or summer barbecue. There are plenty of fluorescent Hawaiian t shirts available for purchase, and their vibrant shades of yellow, pink, green and blue are sure to add a festive spirit to any get together.

Going on a family vacation? These luminous tees are perfect for keeping family members identified and accounted for while navigating through crowded areas such as shopping districts and amusement parks. Many have seen the happy clan decked out in effervescent teal shirts, sticking together as a pack. At first, you may feel a bit chagrined at your "uniform", but you'll love the functionality of easily spotting each other in that endless roller coaster line.

Keeping It Formal

Ties have become more expressive in color and design, and the same can be said for shirts deemed appropriate for the workplace. In a business casual environment, a fluorescent t shirt can be paired with a sport coat for a sharp, yet never stuffy, ensemble. Opting for a brightly colored shirt paired with darker shades can help you stand out at that important interview, or get your words noticed at a vital board meeting. No matter what your current job status, don't be so hasty to tone down the brights in your wardrobe.

Fluorescent fabrics are also finding their way into formal occasions such as weddings. Men who are looking to alter the typical tuxedo look are beginning to incorporate cheerful shades into their wedding party's dress code, and surprisingly, brides are allowing them to. As outdoor weddings become more popular, bridal parties are brightening it up and bringing new life into otherwise drab formal attire.

Workplace Safety

Sometimes a fluorescent t shirt is just plain necessary. If you are working on a dangerous job, such as construction or road direction, you will want those around you to be on high alert. This goes for volunteer work as well, as a bright tee will make you easily identifiable and protect you from any on-the-job hazards, such as working in close proximity to moving vehicles during a freeway cleanup, or being left behind from a bus tour after a day of volunteering with an outdoor group. Be it a professional task or a day of indulging a hobby, wearing a brightly colored t shirt will keep you safe and easily identifiable in any situation.

Where To Find Them

Men's fluorescent t shirts can be purchased online at a variety of stores like Fluorescent Works. If you're buying in bulk or want to get the shirts screenprinted for a family reunion, sports team or other function, you can check out

Neon tees are also available in the men's section of your favorite department store during the summer months, or at discount chain retailers.

When To Ditch Men's Fluorescent T Shirts

While fluorescent shirts are inexpensive and readily available, remember there are still occasions where they are inappropriate. Dads will easily embarrass their daughters in one, so try your best to leave them in the closet when a slumber party is scheduled or a potential suitor is on his way over to your house.

They also aren't ideal for events where you are unsure about the dress code expectations and especially at events where you are, such as a funeral or a black tie wedding reception. Day-glow shirts can be a fun alternative, but don't go too crazy. The world may not be ready for your luminous sense of style.

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