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Mens leggings are an extremely challenging look to pull off. Not only are they incredibly revealing for a men's pant, but they are typically difficult to mix with most men's clothes. Whether you're following the trends or looking for men's sporting ensembles for biking or cross-country skiing, these tips will leave you looking stylish.

Types of Mens Leggings

Mens leggings come in both fashionable varieties and purpose-driven styles. Here's a taste of what you can expect when you go shopping for mens leggings.

Spandex Leggings

The most popular type of mens leggings are made with the express purpose of being worn during physical activity. If you choose sport-specific leggings for men, you'll find that there are details specifically added to increase comfort. Additions may include padded undercarriages or rear areas, double-paneled inner thighs to protect against chafing, or special flat-stitched seams for comfort.

Compression Leggings

Compression leggings can be quite stressful to shop for: they are the type of pants that look extra-small on the racks, but can be worn comfortably once stretched on. These are excellent pants to wear while jogging, and can be worn underneath looser pants for fashion or warmth reasons. These will decrease the shock of jogging on the legs and buttocks, while stimulating circulation and supporting important areas.

Loose Leggings

Looser leggings can be worn at home for comfort, and are often seen the the "long john" variety or thermal style. These are an excellent choice for men working outside who prefer a softer layer against the skin, or men who like to sleep in something cozy. They can often be purchased as sets with two-button henley style shirts, which can be paired with jeans for a practical look.

Dressy Leggings

If you're fashion-forward and want to push the limits, look towards a stylish man like Kanye West, who has been known to wear skinny trousers with a legging effect. When in a cold climate, these are a great item to pair with manly boots, and they are also excellent to match with large fisherman sweaters that require close-to-the-body looks.

Unisex Leggings

If you're hunting down a pair of leggings and you can't seem to find a pair for men, you may want to explore unisex options. These can be worn as sleep, exercise, or work clothes, and paired with padded underlayers as specific sports require.

How to Style Mens Leggings

Styling mens leggings, even for practical purposes, can be challenging. Try these looks.

Sports: Wear your leggings underneath baggier shorts or pants if they are intended for warmth or support. Look for a color that coordinates or matches with the outer layer.

Work: Try leggings in a thermal style for maximum warmth while working out-of-doors. These work well underneath loose jeans or work pants, and can be purchased in a cheery color like red or plaid.

Fashion: Look for oversized tops and sweaters that require tighter-to-the-body layers down below. If leggings don't suit you, try "treggings," a trouser-legging hybrid, or "jeggings," a jeans-leggings combination.

Sleep: Purchase tight black leggings or thermal pants to be worn with comfortable sleep gear, like sweatshirts, simple tee shirts, tank tops, and long-sleeve pullover shirts. Play around with pattern and color if you'd like-- get cheery for winter!

Where to Buy

Buy your new leggings at one of these locations:

American Apparel: American Apparel specializes in unisex looks and offers organic cotton options.

Ron Herman: Stylish mens leggings options can be found at Ron Herman.

Topman: Topman looks are perfect for the fashionable dresser. Their leggings look a little more similar to trousers.

ASOS: Sleepwear-appropriate leggings are found on the UK site, which ships worldwide.

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Mens Leggings