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A men's lightweight summer jacket is essential when temperatures rise. Though truly hot conditions don't necessitate a jacket, a light topper is ideal to wear when there's just a slight nip in the air.

About Summer Jackets

Summer is all about shedding the heavy attire and keeping things light, cool and airy. Indeed, there's little reason to actually wear anything over a tank top or T-shirt on most occasions. Every now and then, though, a cool spell falls over the city, an evening turns surprisingly breezy or a touch of rain causes temperatures to drop. No matter what the case may be, any of these instances may be reason enough to throw on a light jacket.

Summer jackets do differ in many ways from fall jackets, and even from spring jackets. Those designed for wear during summer are typically much more lightweight than their counterparts. They may occasionally be designed with small, perforated holes to allow for ventilation, and they are typically lined with cotton fabric. Keep in mind, though, that certain jackets are designed to be worn in certain situations, and as such their constructions may differ drastically from other summer jackets.

What to Look For

It is important to determine your needs before purchasing a summer jacket. Are you looking for a basic, everyday jacket that will look just as smart with shorts and sandals as with khakis and a polo shirt? Do you plan to spend lots of time on the golf course or the beach? Choose your summer jacket based on situation. You'll get a lot more wear from it if it's built to handle the conditions of certain climates.

Everyday Jackets

The great thing about basic jackets is that they really do pair well with just about everything. They're so versatile and timeless that they can easily be worn for years without fail. It's always great to have a reliable piece in your wardrobe that you can pull out for just a few months and then hang up again at season's end, knowing it will be ready for the job again next year. Look for nylon, which is a great, breathable choice for summertime. It will keep you warm without being cloying.

Golf Jackets

As avid golfers know, winds can pick up at anytime, and it's often cool early in the morning. This may have an effect on your game, but it doesn't have to break your stride otherwise. A comfortable, lightweight golf jacket is the perfect solution. Look for a soft, breathable fabric that is resistant to water and wind. Also seek a quiet material - the type that will not rustle with your every swing and distract you from the matter at hand. Polyester shells are quite commonly used in golf jacket construction.

Beach Jackets

Whether you're hitting the boardwalk or grabbing the surfboard, you will likely benefit from a lightweight jacket anytime you're in close proximity to the water. Water-repellant jackets that "eat" themselves are exceptional choices for beachwear. This simply means that the jacket easily folds into itself and zips up compactly for convenience and portability. It can be thrown into a beach bag and unraveled in a matter of seconds. Look for vented panels that keep out excess heat.

Shopping for a Men's Lightweight Summer Jacket

The only challenge you may face in shopping for a men's lightweight summer jacket is choosing exactly which style to purchase! There are many available from a variety of brands and in a wide range of price points. Determine how much you plan to spend before moving forward. Bear in mind that a high-quality summer jacket is an excellent investment, and will more than pay for itself over the years with repeated wear. Consider these stores when shopping for your summer jacket:

  • L.L. Bean: The company's assortment of specialty rain and wind jackets is outstanding; expect to find some suitable beach choices here.
  • Nike: The sports specialty store carries a range of summer-specific jackets for running, golf and everyday wear.
  • REI: Though the outdoor specialty retailer carries a wide selection of jackets suitable for summer, their Ultra Light Jacket is a cinch choice for everyday, everywhere wear. With its sturdy, breathable, waterproof and windproof construction, its qualities speak for themselves.
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Mens Lightweight Summer Jacket