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Read through our men's magazine gallery for a list of the most popular men's publications in print today. No matter what your interests or hobbies may be, there is sure to be a magazine to perfectly suit you.

Men's Magazine Gallery List

Men's magazines feature articles on a wide range of topics from sports, politics and travel to the latest men's fashions. Many magazines have been around for years while others may be new to the stands. Many men turn to the pages of their favorite magazines to catch up on the latest news and trends. Some of the most popular magazines for men are listed below in our men's magazine gallery.


GQ, or Gentlemen's Quarterly, was introduced in 1957 as a monthly magazine. Known as upscale and sophisticated, the magazine targets the metrosexual male by offering a wide range of topics in each issue including fashion, style and fitness. GQ also features reviews on music, politics, film and books in addition to interviews with notable actors, musicians and sports figures. GQ's motto is "Look Sharp and Live Smart." GQ prints 12 issues yearly and the price for a single issue is $3.50.


Esquire is an award-winning magazine for men. It has been in print for more than 70 years. Esquire started as a risqué publication, but has transformed into a magazine for well-educated and refined men. Esquire offers articles on a wide range of topics including politics, sports, travel, trendy products and fashion. One of Esquire's most notable columns is its annual Dubious Achievement Awards, which recall unusual events of the preceding year. There are 12 issues a year and a single issue costs $3.99.


Details offers the latest in men's fashion, clothing, news, entertainment, travel and trends. They also feature breaking stories on celebrities, movies and music. Details features gadget buying guides, grooming advice and style forums as well. A single issue of Details costs $3.00 with 10 issues running yearly.

Maxim Magazine

Maxim Magazine is the man's ultimate guide to games, gear, movies, music and the latest trends. It is an international magazine that has been an industry leader since 1999. Maxim's monthly covers feature the hottest celebrities and their pages are full of photos and articles that appeal to men with varying interests. Maxim costs $4.99 for a single issue with 12 issues printed yearly.


FHM, or For Him Magazine, was printed monthly in the United States from 1995 until 2007. FHM discontinued its United States print edition after the March 2007 issue and has turned to an all-digital format with the launch of FHM Online. FHM Online features profiles of sports stars, movies, music, gadgets, book reviews, gossip and men's fashion shoots. FHM still publishes print copies of their magazine in countries such as Russia, Spain, Philippines, Portugal and Greece.

More About Men's Magazines

In addition to fabulous photos, men's magazines offer style advice, fashion tips, the scoop on the latest trends and gadgets, in addition to news and entertainment. There are dozens of magazines on the stands sure to please any man and cater to his specific interests. For additional magazine information, be sure to check out Love to Know's Top 10 Magazine List for Men.

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