Mens Microfiber Pants

Microfiber pants

Ideal for all forms of travel, men's microfiber pants are light, comfortable, easy to wash and quick to dry. While microfiber is currently still more available for women's clothes, more and more men's clothes are adapting the flexible fabric as well.

Benefits of Microfiber Pants

For most travel needs, you want clothes that are comfortable, wear well, and are easy to take care of since you usually end up washing them by hand in a hotel room. Ideally, they also look good. Microfiber clothing has been a boon for travel wear, due to its ability to resist wrinkles and the fact that it's lightweight and comfortable. Many men will find that a few pairs of microfiber trousers in different colors will make for a far more pleasant trip than jeans or even shorts. As a plus, they usually have a built in sun protection factor. This, combined with their breathability, actually makes them a smarter, more comfortable option than shorts. With the added bonus that you look smarter wherever you go.

Sources for Mens Microfiber Pants

When shopping for travel clothes, it's often best to go to sites that are specifically geared for travel. This way, you know you're getting something that has been vetted and is guaranteed to suit your needs.

At Travel Smith, you can find microfiber trousers in khaki. They are in a classic style that allows them to be worn for business travel as well as pleasure and boast a UPF of 30+. They are breathable, moisture-wicking and resist both stains and wrinkles. They also have a patented ComfortSizer waistband. Hemming is available for a small fee.

Paul Fredrick offers a stylish pair of pleated pants that would look good in the office as well as a dressier occasion. They come in four standard colors, and they're available in regular or big & tall sizes. Alterations are available at an extra cost.

At Kohl's, you can get Lee Performance Series Extreme Comfort Khaki Relaxed Fit Flat-Front pants in a choice of seven colors. These pants have an athletic flex waistband and are relaxed for comfort. They feature four pockets, a zipper fly and of course the wrinkle resistance and moisture wicking you expect from microfiber.

Popular travel site Magellan's has microfiber pants in either plain or pleated front styles. They feature built-in stretch, including an invisible stretch waistband and five pockets, two of which are zippered for extra security. Magellan's features customer reviews and these pants get very high ratings. Men praise them for their comfort and convenience. They have been worn to meetings and conferences and wear well. Some men even wear them to work on a regular basis.

Orvis, another popular site for travel wear, has pants that include a passport pocket and zip pockets in front and rear. They are straight-leg pants cut a bit fuller for travel comfort and come in three colors. Most of the reviews are very positive, although one customer found that the pants came apart at the seam on only the second wearing. However, the bulk of the complaints are that there should be more colors.

Ease Travel Stress With Microfiber Pants

Travel can be stressful, even when it's for pleasure. At least if you have clothes that are easy to care for and designed to keep you comfortable and your wallet safe, you can remove some of the stress and get on with what you need to do.

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Mens Microfiber Pants