Finding Mens Nylon Tricot Shorts

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Men's nylon tricot shorts, especially the running shorts so popular in the 1980s, remain a favorite for joggers and marathoners because of their easy, comfortable fit and practicality. Nylon tricot is a common fabric in swimsuits and underwear too, thanks to its sleek fit and feel.

Finding Nylon Tricot Shorts for Men

The loose fit of the shorts means you only have to worry about getting the right size for your waist - no trying on necessary. Therefore, you can shop online with ease, which is especially useful if you don't have a good sporting goods store near you. Here are a few sites to start browsing:

Epic Sports

Game Gear Tricot Running Short at Epic Sport
Game Gear Tricot Running Short at Epic Sport

If you're in the market for performance-oriented running shorts, Epic Sports may become your go-to brand after you give them a trial. They carry men's nylon tricot shorts in athletic, running and track styles, you are sure to find a pair that fits and performs well.

These shorts are available in full athletic cuts featuring elasticized waistbands and matching inner briefs in inseams ranging from five inches to nine inches. They come in 12 colors in adult sizes S to 3XL. Prices range from under $4 to around $20. Epic Sports ships to the US and Canada only, with rates determined by package weight and distance traveled.

Bizrate reviewers are highly positive about the user-friendliness of Epic Sports' site, as well as their price to value ratios and selection. Customer reviewers praised their Champro nylon tricot mesh athletic shorts for quality, value and length.


original nylon tricot running shorts
Nylon Tricot Shorts from Soark

Soark caters to the serious running community and offers a good collection of classic nylon tricot shorts. Choose from their original style, which features a three-quarter split cut with an overlapping side tack for maximum movement, or the nonsplit version, which has a bottom-curved side seam for more coverage.

Both styles have triple stitched waistbands, matching built-in brief liners, key pockets and 1.5 inch inseams. Choose from six basic colors at a retail price of under $20 in sizes S to XL.

All Soark's products are made in the U.S. Orders over $60 ship free. Soark is BBB Accredited with an A+ rating.

Protect Your Investment

No matter what your sport or athletic passion may be, when you spend money on specialty clothing like men's nylon tricot shorts, you want to get the best return on your investment. Most nylon tricot is designed to be machine-washed and dried for maximum ease of use, but these shorts will last longer and give you more serviceable wear when washed in cold water and hung to air-dry.

If you run daily, you can save time and money by just washing them in the sink and throwing them over the shower curtain to dry. The shorts will dry quickly because of the nylon tricot's moisture wicking abilities. It's more hygienic to put them on clean with each use as well as better for the planet to wash them in cold water and air dry them. Either way, gentle laundering will ensure they last a longer time and give you years of comfortable use.

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Finding Mens Nylon Tricot Shorts