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What better way to show off your individuality than by wearing a men's polka dot shirt. Why not stand out in the crowd and make a fashion statement of your very own?

What are Polka Dots

Polka dots are a pattern of circles or dots. They come in all sizes and can be regular or random in pattern. Polka dots come in any color combination imaginable. They can be multi-colored or a single color on a contrasting background. Some popular colors of polka dots are red, blue, black and white. It is believed that their name is derived from polka music that became popular in Britain in the late 1900's.

Men's Polka Dot Shirt Popularity

In the 40's and 50's, polka dot button-down shirts were popular for men. They usually were black and white. The bold styles of the 70's brought bright colored polka dots into fashion as well. Men could be seen wearing polka dots at various events and functions. Today, it is not as common to see men adorned in polka dots unless you are a musician or performing on stage. Elton John is one popular musician often seen wearing big, bold polka dots. For many decades, Bob Dylan has been known for his numerous black and white polka dot shirts. Polka dots are not just for rock stars, they can be a fun alternative in a basic wardrobe.

Where to Wear Polka Dots

Maybe you are going to a concert or party and want to show off your individuality and outgoing personality? Wearing a polka dot shirt is a great way to do just that. Summer barbeques, family vacations and a night out with friends are other perfect opportunities to wear your polka dots. Any place you want to have a little fun and lighten up the mood would be ideal.

While polka dots are all about individual style and expression, it is best to save them for the weekend instead of wearing them as part of your professional attire. Wearing polka dots to work may not make the best impression and your co-workers may not take you seriously.

Where to Find Them

Men's polka dot shirts may be hard to find but they do exist. A vintage store is a great place to start your quest. If you are lucky, they may be at your favorite department store or even in a young men's store. Of course you could always go online and search for a vintage polka dot shirt or go to for a one of a kind retro polka dot shirt.

Keep in mind, polka dot shirts do not always have to be bold and bright, there are several subtle styles available. There are shirts that have polka dot trim on the collar or sleeve or shirts that simply have a design made from polka dots on them. Remember polka dot shirts can look trendy and fashionable. To add some polka dots to your wardrobe, try some pieces like:

  • Robert Green's polka dot button-down shirt at Saks Fifth Avenue. It has small dots that match the stripes on the cuffs and placket.
  • Neiman Marcus has the Red Ear Polka Dot Shirt that is brown with small baby blue polka dots. It has long sleeves and a spread collar.

How to Wear Your Polka Dots

When you think about clothing with polka dots, many associate them with clowns, a look you do not want to mimic. To avoid looking like a clown, keep the rest of your outfit simple when wearing your polka dot shirt. By coordinating your outfit, you can pull off a fashionable style. Polka dots go great with a pair of jeans or under a v-neck sweater. They can add a touch of whimsy and youth to any outfit and show-off your unique style and personality.

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Mens Polka Dot Shirt