Mens Ski Pants

Men's Ski Pants

A must for winter is a good pair of men's ski pants. If you are an avid skier, you know the important role the right clothing and equipment play in enjoying the sport. Ski pants come in a range of styles and sizes as well in stylish choices.

Choice of Styles

Men can choose between bib pants or classic ones that have a button or an elastic waist. Some pants, such as the ones pictured here, have suspenders to hold them up. Ski pants do not just come in basic colors such as black or navy but in other choices such as gray, orange and red.

Snowboarding Pants

Snowboarders prefer a looser type of ski pant since they are more aggressive on the slopes and often do stunts. A pant that allows for a range of movement and is comfortable is ideal for snowboarding.

Cross Country Pants

Cross country skiers have their own style of ski pant. Pants for cross country skiing should be wind- and water-repellent as well as have stretch to make them move with every glide you take. Other features for cross country ski pants are fabric with sun protection built in, reflective and lightweight material. Some pants are even lined with fleece for an added layer of warmth.

Brands of Ski Pants

Ski pants not only come in a range of styles but from a variety of brands as well. Some popular brands of ski pants for men include Spyder, Bogner, Obermeyer, North Face, DNA and Salomon.

Not Just for Skiing

Ski pants can be worn for a range of activities in addition to snow skiing. Wear them for sled riding to keep you dry or while out shoveling snow. Any winter activity such as snowmobiling or ice fishing are reasons to pull on a pair of ski pants. They not only provide warmth but will keep you dry when out in the snow and ice.

Shopping for Ski Pants

Finding men's ski pants can be simple if you know when to look for them and where to purchase them. Sporting goods stores stock ski pants during winter months. If you need to find them during off season, try shopping online. Retailers such as REI or Backcountry have ski pants available year-round on their site.

Don't forget to bring a cozy sweater to change into after skiing. Sitting by the fire at the local ski lodge is a great way to end a strenuous day of skiing and nothing can keep you warmer than a great sweater.

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Mens Ski Pants