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 Spiderman Marvel Comics superhero

For comic book enthusiasts who love Peter Parker's web slinging alter ego, finding men's Spiderman lounge wear is just one more way to appreciate this superhero.

Finding Men's Spiderman Lounge Wear

If you've been fruitlessly searching for comfortable clothing to hang around the house in, and have had no success in finding items that feature Spiderman, it's because most of the products, clothes and paraphernalia focusing on comic book characters are made for young children. Still, it is possible to find Spidey items; it'll just take a little more effort.

One of the best times to look for Spiderman attire in stores is around the time of movie releases. Films that focus on comic book characters usually tie in their marketing to a variety of merchandise to increase interest in the movies. The Spider-Man flicks that star Tobey Maguire were box office hits, leading to a renewed interest in the web crawler's antics.

Crazy for Bargains

Spiderman Boxer Shorts
Spiderman Boxer Shorts

This web-based retailer carries pajamas, sleepwear and lounge wear for all members of the family and there's quite a bit of Spiderman merchandise here as well, although most of it is geared for kids. However, for the grown man who has a fascination with Spiderman you can find:

  • Spider-Man 3 boxer shorts: Spiderman's face looms out of a black, webbed background on these shorts. Made in a cotton knit, featuring an elastic waistband printed with "Spider-Man 3" all the way around.

Tee Shirts

Maybe you're looking for comfortable lounge wear, but are having a difficult time finding pajama tops to go with the pants. You can always buy tee shirts featuring Spiderman. Tees often perform double duty, they can be worn outside, but many men find them just as comfortable to hang out or sleep in.

If tee shirts can be part of your men's Spiderman lounge wear collection, you can easily find an assorted variety. Check out the following retailers:

  • Animation Shops: There's a variety of Spiderman wares here, from vintage styles to a dark and somewhat gothic Spidey. Whatever your style, there's a comfortable tee made just for you. With so many choices, you should be able to find several tops that you'll enjoy lounging around in.
  • Tees 'N Things: You can choose a shirt featuring Spiderman slinging a web or bearing his logo. Either way, you'll have an officially licensed Marvel shirt to show the world just how amazing you find your favorite superhero.
  • Tees for All: Choose from tops with Spiderman's image on them, or just a spider. You can go with a vintage feel or the new look.

Nostalgia Wear

Maybe you've loved reading Spider-Man comics since you were a kid and wearing lounge attire with this character on them provides a sense of nostalgia. Just because you're an adult doesn't mean your lounge wear has to be basic or dull. The fact that manufacturers make character clothing in adult sizes speaks to the popularity of this market. So feel free to slip into your Spiderman pants and tees, while reading your morning paper, drinking your coffee?or watching Saturday morning cartoons.

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Mens Spiderman Lounge Wear