Mens Striped Stringer Tank Shirts

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If you have your heart set on men's striped stringer tank shirts, you may have to prepare yourself for disappointment, because, as with many fashion trends (yes, even in body building), they come and go. Currently, they are nearly impossible to find, but there are other options for your extreme workout.

Striped Stringer Tank Shirts Defined

If you do body building, you know what you're looking for, but on the chance that you're shopping for a gift, a stringer tank is almost exactly what it sounds like - a tank shirt with stringy straps, all the better to show off the muscles. The shirts can be loose or tight-fitting, as the wearer prefers. It is often better to wear a slightly looser shirt for a workout so that it breathes more readily, although if it's 100% cotton, it shouldn't be a problem. And if you want to know why a striped stringer is popular, it's the same reason women avoid horizontal stripes in most clothing - those stripes make you look bigger. Great for big pecs, bad for a flabby set of abs.

Finding Men's Striped Stringer Tank Shirts

Your gym or local workout wear shop is usually the first and often the best place to look for something specific like a men's striped stringer tank shirt. If it isn't available there, the salespeople often have ideas of where to look next and might even do a basic search for you, or arrange a special order.

If you're searching online, you will have to be patient and expect not to come up with much. There are plenty of stringer tanks, and plenty of striped tanks, but the combination is thin on the ground. Depending on how specific the design you have in mind is, you might request of the site as to whether it is something they will carry at a future time. A site like Physique Bodyware USA caters to its customers with pride and will try to help you if it can. While it currently does not carry a modern striped stringer tank, it does have a black and white striped Y-back tank that it claims to be the real deal - the true stringers made so famous on Venice Beach in the 1970s. The shirts are ribbed cotton, made in the US and if you order three or more, they are only $9.98 each.

Currently, the selection at Physique Bodyware seems to be the only striped stringer tank shirt available online, but there are a number of other sites to try if you want quality body building clothes and would be happy with a stringer shirt that sports a logo, such as the classic Gold's Gym, or a funny quote.

Body Temple carries stringer tanks made of 100% combed cotton in white, black, royal blue, heather gray and red. You can get them either plain or with a variety of logos, such as "No, I'm Not on Roids, But Thanks for Asking," and "You Have the Right to Bare Arms."

Best Form Fitness Gear sells a variety of classic designs, including Gold's Gym, Pitbull and Powerhouse. They warn, however, that the looks are constantly changing so that what you receive may be slightly different from what it looked like when you ordered.

Hit the Beach

If you're in Southern California, you might just hit the shops around the classic Muscle Beach area. If anyone is going to have a good selection of the men's striped stringer tank shirts, it should be them. Good luck.

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Mens Striped Stringer Tank Shirts