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Men's summer suits are a lifesaver when the weather heats up and those heavy winter suits just won't cut it anymore-not with any amount of comfort, at least. Summer suits are a great way to break out of the mold of dark, dreary colors. Add some spice to your wardrobe during the warmer months.

About Men's Summer Suits

Men's summer suits come in lightweight materials and soft textures like linen, cotton seersucker, and 100 percent wool. They are available in lighter colors for the warmer months, like white, pale gray, cream, or light tan, and come in the same style options as winter suits-three-button, four-button, two-piece, three-piece, and so on. You'll be able to find the style that fits your own personal preferences or the current trends.

Summer suits make a refreshing choice for those who live in black, charcoal, and navy suits for work. Linings are important, especially with coarse wool suits. A silk lining can keep you cool and comfortable, not itchy. Summer suits are not just perfect for changing up your work look; they're also perfect for outdoor summer weddings; under the sun, you'll want all the help possible when it comes to staying cool and dry.

As with winter suits, prices will vary depending on the time of the year you're shopping and where you decide to shop. You can pay as little as $150.00 for a suit or much, much more if you choose to opt for a designer style. There's a summer suit for almost any budget.

How to Wear Them

Light colored suits look great with white button-up shirts and bright ties. You could also try brighter shirts to celebrate the summer spirit; pair them with understated ties to avoid going too over the top with color. You could also pair a black or navy shirt and bold tie with a pale gray, cream, or white suit. You could even try a nearly monochromatic look with a sand colored suit, white shirt, and pale tie. The possibilities for accessorizing men's summer suits are endless. Just be sure to stay within your dress code if you're wearing them to work. If your employer would frown on a white suit, for example, perhaps you can lighten up a bit with a pale or medium-toned gray suit instead.

For light creams, tans, and khaki-colored suits, try beige or brown socks. Gray suits, even light gray suits, pair well with black socks. Choose shoes that are similar in color to the suits-brown for tan, black for gray, for example. Your belt should always match your shoes, so if you have an assortment of summer suits, keep a brown and a black belt on hand. You can even choose a reversible belt-black on one side and brown on the other-to save money and complement any suit.

Find Your Summer Suits

You can find summer suits almost anywhere that sells menswear. To begin your search, you can check:

AH Fashion

Men's USA

Brooks Brothers

A Final Word

When searching for your ideal summer suit or suits, look for lightweight materials with linings. Choose lighter colors than your regular winter wardrobe if your workplace permits that sort of flexibility. Don't be afraid to play around with color when you're choosing your shirt and tie-the warmer months of the year are the perfect time to be creative. Choose your accessories in a similar color palette as your suit. Pair browns with beiges, creams, and tans, and blacks with light and medium grays. Enjoy being able to dress up without burning up when the heat rises.

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Mens Summer Suits