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men's V neck

Men's V neck sweaters aren't out of reach for too many people. They're available at several price points, are made of materials that are everything from wash-and-go to dry clean only, and they aren't age-specific.

Who Wears V Neck Sweaters?

Everyone from the business professional on a casual day to a college student any time of year can wear men's V neck sweaters. V neck sweaters are classics, worn by all ages and by men with all types of interests. What makes them age-specific or perfect for certain events is what they're worn with and how they're accessorized. Differences may also come down to the materials the sweaters are made from. Men who prefer comfort and ease of care over luxury may choose 100 percent cotton or merino. Those who prefer something for special occasions or just like the sensual feel of fabrics like linen/cotton blends or cashmere against their skin may choose V neck sweaters made from those.

How to Wear Men's V Neck Sweaters

Clothes that can be dressed up or dressed down are extremely valuable in anyone's wardrobe, and men's V neck sweaters are an example of just that. They can be worn over a t-shirt and under a bomber jacket with jeans, cargo pants, or khakis for an extremely casual look, or they can be paired with a button-up shirt underneath (tie optional) with a pair of nice slacks and a blazer for a more tailored, professional look. For something in-between, the button-up can be left untucked and worn with blue jeans.

Generally, a t-shirt that peeks out from underneath a V neck sweater can be white. It's perfectly fine to play with color, but it's acceptable to wear a plain white t-shirt. When you're wearing a button-up, especially if your sweater has a pattern on it, have fun experimenting with the color of the shirt underneath. More of it will peek out -- taking the opportunity to find a complementary shirt is a great way to make your look more pulled-together. If you have a red, dark blue, and light blue argyle print, for example, pairing a pale blue shirt rather than a white one is a great way to take the combination up a notch.

Find Your Sweaters

Chances are, any men's store will carry V neck sweaters. You can also shop for them online and find great deals. If you shop in brick-and-mortar stores, you may be able to find the best deals at the end of winter when stores are trying to clear the way for new merchandise. The holiday season is another time to stock up on V neck sweaters. Online, check:

Stock Up

Because you can wear V neck sweaters to some jobs, school, on casual days, or out to dinner, it's worth adding a few to your wardrobe. Even if you want a couple of the higher-end sweaters, it may be a good idea to introduce some of the less expensive cotton sweaters as well, as they make it easy to get dressed for nearly anything when it's chilly out; plus, they're easy to care for. For the most mileage without having to spend quite a bit of money, choose sweaters that work well with the button-ups that are already hanging in your closet. Then you can wear your sweater collection with one of those or your t-shirts.

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Mens V Neck Sweaters