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Are you looking for a new work shirt? From pumping gas to painting buildings, and everything in between, one of the key features of a labor worker's wardrobe is a work shirt. These shirts come in an array of colors and styles to fit the demands of any job.

Types of Work Shirts

There is a variety of work shirt styles available for the working man. These include shirts for outdoor work that are warmer for winter months, such as those made by Carhartt, a brand known for durability and quality.

Styles include everything from T-shirts to heavy canvas men's work shirts.

Button-Up Work Shirts

Button-up work shirts are popular with many workers worn tucked in or hanging loose, depending upon the company policies and the work environment. Some of the more popular styles include:

  • Carhartt Heavyweight Canvas Work Shirt: This shirt features long sleeves and a soft, canvas material for comfort. The seams on this shirt are triple-stitched to create that durability Carhartt is known for.
  • Dickie's Twill Work Shirt: This long sleeved work shirt is a real value for the working man. One of the unique features of this shirt is that the logo is on the tail of the shirt. Tuck the shirt in and there is no visible logo, which some companies require for their workers.
  • Moose Creek Chamois: Sierra Trading Post offers a line of work shirts in a soft Chamois material. The shirt features triple stitching at the shoulders and yoke. The 100 percent cotton fabric wears well and becomes softer and more comfortable over time, making Moose Creek shirts a favorite among working men.

T-Shirts and Short-sleeved Shirts

Many jobs require short-sleeved shirts. For those who work outdoors during the summer, you don't want to swelter in the heat. Here are some of the more popular designs:

  • Adidas Shirts: For the man who wants the look of a uniform, but a style that will go from a meeting to a work site, Adidas offers a basic, short sleeved, polo-style shirt in a wide variety of colors. Pair a dark shirt with some khakis for a stylish, but functional look. Remember that dark colors are less likely to show dirt or wear than light colors, such as white. For a man who has a job that takes him to work sites or areas where he can pick up dirt, then he will probably want to try for darker colors.
  • Carhartt T-Shirts: The excellent quality of Carhartt T-shirts makes them a favorite with many working men. Their Work-Dry T-Shirt utilizes a special material that keeps the skin dry and "wicks away moisture". The shirt also features a built-in, odor-fighting feature. The shirt is also tagless to prevent discomfort and chafing. It has side seam construction, which is said to prevent the shirt from twisting. The single pocket is perfect for a pencil or other small tools. The shirt is durable and lasting.

Shopping Options

If you are not given a work shirt from your employer, you will be required to find one on your own. Don't stress since there are many options to consider. If you prefer to shop in person, check out discount stores such as Walmart or department stores such as Sears for inexpensive options. Shopping online will not only be convenient but can help you find the best deals as well. Some sites online that carry men's work shirts include:

Job Requirement

There are some jobs where work shirts are the uniform of choice. These positions include jobs such as:

  • Auto or factory worker
  • Painter
  • Plumber or electrician
  • Service industries, such as telephone, cable and utilities
  • Mechanics
  • Maintenance worker

There may be others requiring specific work shirts, such as outdoor workers or landscapers.

Variety of Styles

These are just a few of the designs and models of work shirts available on the market. Many companies specialize in selling work wear to men. Whatever the company's uniform requirements, or even for those working for themselves, it is certain that with a little research, every man can find the perfect work shirt for his needs. Some men may be provided with a work shirt to wear on the job, making the decision hassle- and worry-free!

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