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Making 80s Style Modern

History has a tendency to repeat itself and the world of fashion is no exception. Modern 80s men's fashions are hitting stores. Why not add a few pieces of flair inspired by the 80s to freshen up your wardrobe this season?

Take a cue from the Richard Chai Love show and mix some primary colors, throw in a pattern or two, pop on some shades, and take a trip through time.

Pop Your Collar

A popular fashion trend of the 80s was to wear your collar popped up. Try it on a long jean jacket, such as this one from Brand Who, to give a retro yet modern look and feel.

Bright and Bold Colors

Here is a modern twist on classic 80s colors. This bold teal jacket worn on top of a frog tee deserves a second glance. The beautiful thing about this shade is its ability to flatter most skin tones.

Skinny Tie

You can't do 80s fashion without a nod to the skinny tie. Seen here with a black shirt and jacket, this look can be trendy and fun. There are no rules when it comes to modern 80s fashions. Create your own rules to follow for a contemporary twist on old school styles.

Miami Vice Updated

Who could forget the popular 80s style of wearing a sport coat and shirt without a tie? This trend returns with a modern twist. Wear a gray sport coat with a brightly colored button-down shirt for a stylish take on an old-time favorite. Don't forget to complete this look with a funky pair of loafers - minus the socks!

Pegged Legs

A big fad in the 1980s was to tightly roll the bottom of your jeans. The pegged-leg look like this one from the Perry Ellis show during New York Fashion Week can be done today to create a retro look on a pair of ordinary jeans. Try it to give your existing jeans a fun and surprising finish.

Your Own 80s Style

There is no need to replace your existing wardrobe when a new trend hits the stores. Try adding a few pieces to your closet to liven it up. For example, you may have a suit similar to this one that you've always worn a white shirt with; try a vibrant purple instead, 80s style! Since trends come and go and even make a return, select some 80s-inspired items that coordinate well with what you have. Have fun and create a style unique to you.

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Modern 80s Men's Fashions Gallery