Personalized Firefighter Tees


Personalized firefighter tees are the perfect way to show support for your local firefighters. Give the tees to them or wear your own as a thank you gesture.

What Personalized Firefighter Tees Are

Personalized firefighter tees are just that. But who wears them? Well, you can order them for your whole squad if you're a firefighter or you just want to do something nice to say thanks. Some people, however, are just looking for something new in the casual clothing department and firefighter styles serve the purpose. You can find non-customized firefighter and police tees in department stores, so why not make your own with your name and personalized logo on it?

You can choose from all types of styles (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, cotton/poly blends, or 100 percent cotton), sizes (youth to adult), colors (tee colors and text/design colors), and designs (in some cases, you even submit your own!).

Where You Can Get Some

You could look to your local screenprinting shops that do custom tee shirts, but you'll often pay quite a bit if you're not looking to buy one design in bulk -- so if you're incorporating names in the designs, that's out! Here are a few spots online to check out that may or may not beat the local guys' prices:

Custom Ink

Custom Ink: You can do more than just tee shirts here. Need matching sweats? No problem. Custom Ink also has a "lab" where you can create your own firefighter designs. You start off by selecting one of their basic firefighter designs, then you add your text, art, and names. You can choose tee shirts in up to 60 colors. Sizes available range from YXS to XXXXXL, but choices vary based on the type of personalized firefighter tees you'd like. Prices will also vary based on how many shirts you choose, what you want on them, and the type of shirt you decide on (cotton/poly blend versus 100 percent cotton, long-sleeved or short-sleeved, and so on).

Bonfire Designs

Bonfire Designs is another site that allows you to customize your firefighter tees. This one lets you personalize every type of tee shirt--down to the dog's. They don't let you personalize them with names, but there are quite a few types of firefighter designs-some for the firefighter's whole family-and a very wide selection of tee shirt styles (choose from holidays, nationalities, and more). You can choose your perfect size and material thickness from maternity, youth, pet, baby, adult, and more. Some of the designs that may be favorites among men include:

  • You Don't Scare Me…I'm a Firefighter!
  • Firefighter Flames
  • Firefighter Circle of Flames
  • Firefighter Patriotic
  • Firefighter Biker

Berda allows you to submit your own artwork or opt to use one of their designs. If you want something that's truly personalized, adding your own artwork-with or without names-is the way to go. Shirt options include:

  • Short-sleeve
  • Ringer
  • Sleeveless
  • Long-sleeve
  • Photo (digital imaging)
  • Full color process
  • Pigment dyed
  • Made in USA

Once you choose your shirt, you can choose your color scheme, print area, artwork, and text. You can use their clipart or you can upload your own art right on the site, so if your fire department has its own logo, you can add it without any trouble. Since Berda allows you to put in text, using names won't be a problem, either. Building your own shirt here is simple.

A Final Word

There are a number of ways to personalize your firefighter tees. You could make your own from scratch, including a hand-drawn logo, for a loved one in the field, or if you'd prefer, you can use artwork found on the site you use, adding your own names and phrases. This is perfect for the customer who isn't an artist, but wants to create something special for himself, a loved one, or a fellow firefighter.

Don't forget to explore tee shirt style options. You may want to get matching shirts for everyone in the family (or on the squad), or even opt for ringer tees over traditional short-sleeved tee shirts. The options are endless.

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