Pictures of Fine Male Models

Examples of Fine Male Models

There are endless pictures of fine male models that not only show the latest in fashion but are pleasing to the eye as well. Enjoy browsing through this slideshow to not only see sexy men walking the runways but also to see the latest in men's fashion. The model shown here is wearing modern neutral hues in an outfit by Sergio Davila.

Cutting-Edge Style

Sunglasses and a sleek black leather jacket add to the appeal of this model. Stefano Ricci uses a cool, edgy style for the menswear shown here. The different textures of the outfit keep the monochromatic look exciting.

Sleek and Sexy Style

Metallic finishes, multiple textures, and body-hugging fit create a unique and sexy look. The model shown here is wearing a jacket and pants by Mister Triple X.

Sharp and Classy

A fitted suit in dark grey offers a sharp, stylish look. The model here wears a classy suit by Robert James and pulls off the style perfectly.

Summer Swimwear

A male model has to be a great condition to walk the runway and show off designer swimwear collections. This bright, sexy swimwear style by 2 (X)IST is perfect for the man who prefers a fitted look.

Classic Styling

Sometimes a simple, classic style is all a man needs. Wearing a simple white tee and a pair of neutral pants is an effortless way to put together an outfit. The model shown here wears casual pieces by DL 1961 Premium Denim.

Cool and Casual

The sleeveless top gets a style upgrade when its designed with a tailored fit and classy collar. The bright blue of the shirt is perfectly balanced by the cool grey slacks in this look by Richard Chai Love.

Dress to Impress

This snappy suit can shows the powerful appeal neutrals can have when styled correctly. The black shirt under the charcoal suit makes a strong impact, and the bow tie adds pop to the look.

Double the Style

These two models look show off great looking suits by Nick Graham. Bolder colors like purple are great for spring, and the muted grey suit is perfect for colder weather.

Fashionable Cold-Weather Style

Bundling up for cold weather doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. The model here wears a modern puffer jacket offset by a sophisticated scarf in this look by Stefano Ricci.

Bright Colors Pop

This bold style by Stephen F reveals how bright colors can really make an outfit stand out. The trendy color and clean lines of this style offer a modern appeal.

Trim and Tailored

Tailored styles create an upscale, professional look. The sexy tailored vest by Glenn Plaid shown here is offset nicely by the bold red tie.

Slick in Shades

This model shows off sleek style in this outfit by Robert James. The outfit is streamlined and minimalist, perfect for the man who likes simple, modern designs.

Sexy in Briefs

One of the largest segments of the male modeling industry is underwear modeling. This model shows off his abs in a pair of fitted boxer briefs on the catwalk. Want more male model fashion shows? Try this slideshow of men's designer jeans for more stylish images.

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Pictures of Fine Male Models