Preppy Styles for Men

Crisp, Fresh Preppy Looks for Men

There are endless preppy styles out there for men, but they should always look crisp and fresh. Pastel colors, whites and stripes are some elements that make up the preppy style. Other elements include sweaters, khakis and blazers. This combination from MAX Fashion combines stripe details, a polo, and khaki shorts for an overall preppy vibe.

Preppy Sweater and Stripes

Preppy guys have a talent for layering just the right things to look polished but not like they're trying too hard. Here, we see a sweater and shirt set by Michael Bastian that combines a solid black sweater with a striped shirt and neutral bottoms. The perfectly rolled-up sleeves show off more of the stripes, tying the look together.

Pop Your Collar

A classic preppy look is wearing your collar popped up. Shown here is a pop-collared polo by 2(X)IST in a lovely blue shade that will look good on almost any skin tone, and pair well with jeans, khakis, or shorts.

Bring On The Plaid
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When your mind read the word "preppy,"did it go straight to visions of plaid? While plaid has its place in grunge and other fashion categories, there's a preppy spin for it too, too: shorts. These GUESS Men's Willis Plaid Cargo Shorts team up with a crisp white henley for the ultimate preppy style.

Preppy With An Edge

Can preppy and edgy coexist in the same outfit? Michael Bastian shows us that it can, as long as the man has the confidence to pull it off. Again, it's all about the layering and the patterns (and even layering of the patterns). For the best results with an outfit like this, stick to a neutral color palette.

Basic Elements

Adding a few preppy essentials to your existing wardrobe can freshen up your look and style. Combine medium gray shorts with a bright sweater worn over a button-up and you're ready for the day without too much effort. Since they're all basics, you won't have to second-guess yourself and wonder if the items work together.

A Tailored Suit and Accessories

One thing to be said about the preppy style in general is that it's pretty tailored, like this blue business suit. There's nothing slouchy about it, with its slim cut pants, skinny(ish) tie, and brown leather bag. The overall look is polished and trendy.

Argyle Is a Must

Another must-have in any preppy guy's wardrobe is an argyle sweater or sweater vest. Either one makes a wonderful layering item, and if you find a shirt in the same color scheme with a minimalistic pattern, you can pair the two together (as seen here), throw on some khakis and casual shoes, and be on your way.

Throw on a Jacket
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Guys who love preppy style will eventually need outerwear to survive the colder months. (Hey, it can't always be polos and khaki shorts!) A neutral-toned, functional option like the Tuckernuck Barbour Waterproof Mac Jacket shown here can be worn with anything.

Pullovers and Cardigans
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A cozy pullover is another preppy option for the fall and winter. Here, we have the Vineyard Vines Cotton Quarter-Zip Pullover, which is perfect for layering and will fit right in with a preppy guy's wardrobe. As an alternative, you could try a cardigan, which still has a preppy feel but is easier to put on and take off as the temperature changes throughout the day or from place to place.

Preppy style can be enjoyed all year. Just remember to choose tailored pieces that will layer well together, whether they're patterned or not.

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Preppy Styles for Men