Pullover Cable Knit Sweater

cable knit sweater

Wearing a pullover cable knit sweater is a fashionable way for men to layer clothing and stay warm during the coldest part of the year. Even if you're not familiar with the different stitch patterns that make up a knitted sweater, you've probably seen cables before; you may even own a few cable knit sweaters already. These are a popular pattern for men's knits because the pattern looks complex while not actually being so. Whether you prefer your pullover in vest or full sweater form, there are plenty of options when fall and winter clothing move into stores.

Cable Knit Sweater Styles

You can find a cable knit sweater with sleeves or without. Both are good layering tools and accessorize with all kinds of pants, including:

  • Jeans
  • Khakis
  • Corduroy
  • Dress slacks

What you wear your sweater with depends a great deal on where you're going and how dressy it is. Pullover sweaters work well over a long-sleeved, button-up shirt, with or without a tie. You can then top this look with a blazer or jacket, depending on if you're going to work or someplace casual. Both sleeveless and sleeved sweaters are available in crew necks or V-necks.

Buying a Pullover Cable Knit Sweater

You can shop in your favorite department or online store for cable knit sweaters. Some are relatively inexpensive, while other designer name brands are pricier. Most of these sweaters come in neutral colors that men can combine with a range of shirt and pant choices. Here are a number of pullover cable knit sweater styles for men:

  • Old Navy offers a range of colors in their cable knit pullover, but all are neutral hues that many guys feel comfortable wearing. Charcoal and black can match a range of outfits, while the chocolate sweater would look good with khakis, jeans or tan corduroys. Priced under $30.00, this is a smart choice for the budget-conscious shopper or gift-giver.
  • Sears offers a basic crewneck cable knit sweater by Chaps. The cream color will accessorize nicely with a variety of slacks or jeans.
  • Banana Republic has several cable knit pullovers to choose from, including a Monogram sweater (not monogrammed) that features a lean silhouette and buttons. There's also the Heritage merino turtleneck, which has bolder, intertwining cables and striping at the wrists and neck.

Handknitted Cable Knit Sweaters

Maybe you have a significant other or relative who knits. You might even take part in this hobby yourself. It's not surprising if you know that throughout history, men have knitted. This includes sailors, fishermen, soldiers and shepherds. In keeping up with the recent resurgence of knitting, patterns focusing on men's knits are becoming more numerous. The Anniversary Sweater is one such cable pattern geared toward guys and can be made by either male or female intermediate knitters.

For Gifts or For Self

Sweaters are one of the unique men's gifts you can surprise a loved one with. The price range is wide, fitting many different budgets. You'll need to know the recipient's size and favorite color, or play it safe and choose a neutral such as cream, black or gray. When holiday sales roll around, you might even want to snag one for yourself and fit this versatile item into your cold weather wardrobe.

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Pullover Cable Knit Sweater