Red Carpet Men's Fashion Tuxedos

Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor
Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor

Take a look at various red carpet men's fashion tuxedos to see what looks are in style for the season. There are many fashion trends for men that are first seen on the red carpet before they hit the stores.

Formal Wear For Men

Black tie is formal attire that has been traditionally worn in the evening to a special event. Traditional black tie is a tuxedo for a man. One such event that calls for a formal dress code is an awards ceremony. Men have been gracing the red carpet in stunning tuxedos that are fashionable and stylish. Some men choose styles that are not classic so they stand out from the crowd. No matter what, the red carpet is the perfect opportunity for men to show off their formal wear and demonstrate their sense of fashion.

Red Carpet Men's Fashion Tuxedos

Awards ceremonies such as the Oscars have men stepping out on the red carpet in men's fashion tuxedos. They can be seen in tuxedos from designers such as Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Valentino. No matter what designer a star chooses to wear, he keeps one thing in mind: to wear a tux that demonstrates his own personal style. Some men prefer a classic and timeless look, while others like to push the limits to something unique and unusual. There have been both fashion hits and misses throughout the years on the red carpet. Besides the Oscars, other red carpet opportunities include The Golden Globes, The SAG Awards and Cannes Film Festival.

Fashion Examples

Some fashion worthy mentions include:

  • Neil Patrick Harris hosted the 2009 Emmy's in a tuxedo consisting of a fitted white jacket, black bow tie and black pants. He looked super sharp and stylish.
  • Another fashion hit from the 2009 Emmy's was Zac Efron's tuxedo. He wore a classic black tux from Dolce & Gabbana.
  • Brad Pitt wore a classic black tux to the 2009 Oscar's. His choice of shirt made his look a stand out. His white dress shirt had black buttons that complemented his black satin tie.

How To Get The Look

Wearing a tuxedo for a formal event such as very formal wedding or charity function is a must for any man. Why not choose something that will make you look as if you just stepped off the red carpet? Don't settle for an ordinary tux and blend in with the rest of the crowd. Choose something stylish with an edge to make you stand out. There are many places that sell tuxedos but if you don't want to shell out the cash, try a tuxedo rental. This option lets you rent a look for much less than it would cost to purchase a tuxedo of your own. If you need to wear a tuxedo several times a year, then purchasing one many be your best option. Either way, there are many looks that can fit your budget and showcase your personal style.

Check out the following sites for a red carpet worthy look:

  • Men's Wearhouse has the option to either buy or rent a tuxedo. Checkout looks from top designers such as Calvin Klein, Jones New York and Ralph Lauren.
  • Jos. A. Banks has several formal options in their collection. They sell not only tuxedos but any accessory that you may need to go along with it as well.
  • After Six has a wide range of tuxedos to meet the needs and styles of any man needing a tux.

End Notes

Look like you just stepped off the red carpet in stylish tuxedo. Choose a style that best reflects your personality and individual taste. Wear it with confidence to not only look but feel like a star!

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Red Carpet Men's Fashion Tuxedos