Savane Slacks

Savene Slacks

Savane slacks are comfortable enough for everyday use, but stylish enough to wear professionally.

About Savane

Savane slacks are actually a division of the very well known Perry Ellis company; Perry Ellis as long been associated with the quintessential America pioneering spirit of exploration and the celebration of friends and country.

In the case of Savane, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as this division also honors the spirit of the one the go man, but of course, one who wants to arrive in style!

Different Styles of Savane Slacks

Savane offers many different looks so that you can choose the style that suits you best. Among these looks are:

No Iron Luster Twill

Similar to some of the available styles of Haggar slacks, these pants offer a Comfort Waistband that can extend up to three inches, and it also offers what Savane calls a No Iron Fabric Performance.

Quite simply, this means that you don't have to iron these slacks. Complimentary to the No Iron Performance features is the self explanatory Permanent Crease feature. You can purchase the No Iron Luster Twill in a pleated form, and in a flat front style.

Hidden Comfort Dress Gabardine

A blend of polyester and rayon, these slacks also feature the expandable waistband, and are machine washable for easy care. This style is also available as a flat front or pleated.

Lusterwash No Iron Twill

What makes this particular pant different from the others it that its one hundred percent cotton (the others are a blend), but other than that, you'll find all of the usual features (machine washable, expandable waist, etc.) of the No Iron Luster Twill and the Hidden Comfort Dress Gabardine.

Where to Shop

Some of the following shopping sites should help you track down the Savane slacks you are searching for:

  • Grand Clothing: At Grand Clothing you have the option of choosing from Savane's casual pants and their dress pants. If you choose the latter, you can expect to find the Gabardine dress pant. Note that larger sizes are available on this site, and come with a price range between $50.00 and $44.00.
  • Muldoon's Men's Wear: At Muldoon's, you'll find a much larger selection, including the Deep Dye Cotton Slacks, the High Twist Gabardine Dress Slacks, and the Savane Select Edition. You may also appreciate the fact that Muldoon's offers some of Savane's shorts, a feature that is not readily available on other sites.
  • Amazon also offers a wide selection of Savane's pants. Here you'll find the Savane Men's Deep Dye Microfiber Pleated Gabardine Pant for $29.99. Several colors are available with this look, including ink navy, taupe and putty, but unfortunately, if you are searching for the "flat front" style, you may have to search elsewhere.
  • Big Tall Pants: For those that are in need of pants in the big and tall style, look no further than the aptly named Big Tall Pants website.

This shopping site has one of the largest collections the Savane slacks and you'll definitly appreciate all of the color choices and sizes that are available. Not only can you find dress pants here, but you'll also have a wide choice of chinos to choose from. Savane shorts are also available here, with a price range between $19.99 and $29.99.

Learn More

You can learn even more about Savane's style by visiting the official website. Moreover, you'll find a Store Locator feature on the official site as well. Simply type in your zip code to find nearby stores that carry the Savane pant. Additionally, if you have any questions, you can also use the contact form on the main page to reach the company.

Putting It All Together

Savane makes pants that are perfectly appropriate for the office, as well as more causal, weekend styles that are well suited for lazy summer days and barbeques with friends. The quality of these pants is one of the reasons why they are so sought after, and in this way, if you do decide to purchase, at least you'll know that the merchandise will last for quite some time - and that's always stylish!

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Savane Slacks