Sean John Garvey Jeans

sean jean garveys

Sean John clothing is extremely popular -- and so are Sean John Garvey jeans.

About Garvey Jeans

Garvey jeans, from the Sean John clothing line, have grown increasingly popular. This is due in no small part to the fashionable "baggy" pants look that has been around for some time now. What is the Garvey fit? According to the label maker Sean John, it's a style that sits at the wearer's natural waist, is loose, has a straight leg, and of course, is very comfortable.

Find Sean John Garvey Jeans

You can find some great Sean John Garvey jeans at some of the following online shopping sites:


Macy's is offering the Sean John Garvey Signature Jeans Raw Wash. This is a one hundred percent cotton style that is available for $38.99.

Chief among the reasons why you may want to purchase your jeans at this particular site is that the overall rating for this look is literally through the roof with positively. In fact, the reviews that customers have posted are so flattering, you may not want to purchase from any other site! Additionally, Macy's also offers a jeans guide to help to ensure that you choose the right fit.

Dr. Jay's

Dr. Jay's is well known form carrying many popular urban clothing lines and Sean John is chief among them. Here, the Garvey jeans offered has a standard button and zipper fly, contains classic, five pocket styling, and features contrasting "top-stitching" on the both the "trims" and seams of the pant. Moreover, a wide selection of sizes is available at the very wallet friendly pirce of just $22.99.

Lastly, you can also search if you are still searching for your Sean John Garvey jeans.

There too you'll find several different shades of the Garvey look, all for the price of $58.00. You may also want to browse their collection since you'll be able to read how others, who've purchased this style, feel about these pants.

Wearing the Look

So, what should you wear with your new jeans? You have a few different options. First, you can consider purchasing a Sean Jean shirt style anywhere where they sell the jeans.

If you still need more options, consider going with a polo; these shirts are causal, but not overtly so. Another idea that may be worth trying is pairing your Garvey look with a blazer, but because these jeans are baggy, you should go with a less structured looking jacket.

Additionally, also keep in mind that these jeans tend to look best with sneakers, then say, a pair of brown leather shoes, so choose accordingly.

Putting It All Together

While the loose fitting jean look is not for everyone, it is a very popular style and has been so for quite some time. If you are searching for a relaxing look to wear after work or on the weekends, then this may be the perfect style for you!

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