Silk Scarves for Men

A comfortable scarf is all you need.

Silk scarves for men, much like men's handkerchiefs and pocket squares, might seem like an unusual accessory choice, but you'll probably find them surprisingly versatile. Knotting them around your neck might seem easy, but you actually have multiple ways to tie your scarf for different looks.

How to Tie a Silk Scarf

Stumped on how to get started? Here are some basic instructions on tying silk scarves for men.

Casual Scarf Tying

  • Fold your scarf in half and then pull the ends through to make a loop.
  • Wrap a longer silk scarf around your neck once for debonair flair.
  • Wind a decorative silk scarf several times around your neck and tuck the ends out of sight.

Tying an Ascot

  1. Place the scarf around your neck, as you would do a tie. The ends will be facing out from your body.
  2. Pull the left side so that it measures a few inches longer than the end on the right.
  3. Take the left end and wrap it around the right end.
  4. Wrap the left end once around the right end, continue for a second pass, but then insert the end into the loop until it becomes visible at the part of the loop facing you.
  5. Arrange your ascot so that the top flap cascades downwards and hides the part underneath.
  6. Adjust your ascot for comfort.

Silk Scarf Dos and Don'ts

Follow these suggestions for easy silk scarf accessorizing.

  • Start your scarf collection with a few scarves in plain colors or low-key patterns.
  • Select several silk scarves in various weights. By choosing silk-wool blends, you can wear your scarf at night or in the winter, while a lightweight scarf works perfectly indoors or in the spring/summer.
  • Don't cinch that scarf up so tight that it looks awkward or uncomfortable. Relax!
  • If you're a beginner scarf wearer, look for one with just a small amount of fringe. The more fringe you have on your scarf, the more difficult it will be to find places to wear it.
  • Compare the look of your scarf and shirt. Try to find a scarf with a contrasting woven appearance so it doesn't blend in with your shirt.
  • Use your bandana-tying skills to guide you.

Where to Find Silk Scarves for Men

  • Urban Outfitters carries scarves for the funkier man. You'll find patterned ones alongside ones that feature unusual design details like fringing and textural accents.
  • If you're into more progressive designs, check out Henrik Vibskov. This notable designer takes silk scarves to another dimension with carefully crafted patterns and interesting proportions like ones that are super-long.
  • Forzieri carries chic men's scarves in more complicated, traditional patterns. You'll find ones in unexpected colors like yellow, green, and red, and you'll certainly find a traditional paisley design as well.
  • Not feeling too daring? A scarf in a wool-silk blend is a good cool weather selection, and it will look right at home with your overcoats. Some of the best ones you can buy are available at Bluefly and Bloomingdale's, and you can often get them on sale.
  • Barney's New York is a good safe stop when you're unsure of what you want. You'll be able to get both traditional designs as well as artsy styles in daring patterns.

Accessorizing just got easier with scarves, especially when you know how to tie them, where to wear them, and where you can buy them. Try out a few looks-you might surprise yourself!

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