1940s Mens Fashions Photo Gallery

1940s Mens Fashions


1940's men's fashion is full of bravado and a full bodied maleness that can only come from living through the Depression-ravished 1930's.

Tough and self-assured with just a hint of vulnerability, is there any wonder that celebrities of today, for example Sean "Diddy" Combs, still sport the pinstripe style?

And speaking of pinstripes, let's remember that it's not only bankers who love this look; they were also incredibly popular with the gangsters, like Al Capone, of the day.

The Hat's the Thing


A well placed fedora and stripes galore help one achieve 1940's men's fashion in high style.

Notice how color coordinated this model is; matching looks were very big during this era.

Form Fitting Suits


Most of these male models are wearing suits because men's suits were very popular during this decade.

Of course, no outfit is complete without a coordinating tie!

Double Trouble


Notice this model's suspenders and how they perfectly match his hat and his lady friend's dress. Very chic!

High Flying Style


Air travel was just hitting its stride during the 1940's, and along with its newfound popularity was the birth of "aviator style".

Note the jacket, the hat and the scarf.

The Underbelly


Of course, the dark underbelly of this time, along with the 1930's, heralded the birth of the gangster.

Here's an outfit that even Machine Gun Kelly would have been proud of!

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know


They say most women love a bad boy, or maybe it's just his impeccable style!

Humphrey Who?


Who needs Humphrey Bogart when you can wear all white and look like you just stepped out of Casablanca?

Modern Style


Wondering how you can pull off the 1940's look today? The next three pictures will help.

Here, we see color coordinating between the shirt and tie, and the addition of a hat.

Does It Get Any Better?


This stunningly handsome model looks even better in a coordinating hat, shirt and jacket.

The lollipop? That's optional.

Lounge in Style


Love this look for the argyle sweater, the dapper hat and the coordinating shoes.

Not only did this style of men's dress look brilliant in the 1940's, but it can look equally stylish today.

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1940s Mens Fashions Photo Gallery