Colonial Fashion

Fashions From Home

Colonial fashion was made by hand from materials grown on the land. Families made making clothing a chore for every member. Colonials used wool from their sheep, linen from flax plants and leather from cow hides. Men and boys had the responsibility of weaving clothing on a loom. All garments were stitched by hand.

Wigs and Hats

Wigs were the big Colonial fashion rage of the time for men. The bigger the wig, the more wealth you had. Wigs were made from human hair, goat hair and horsehair. For those who had little money, wigs were made simply from threads.

Hats were worn by men; the style of Colonial times was a three-point hat.

Basic Colonial Fashion

Men wore breeches during Colonial times. The breeches were knee length. Other staples in a man's wardrobe were: white linen shirts, waistcoats, or vests, and coats.

Colors were popular during Colonial years. It was common to see bright colors such as red, purple, green or yellow in a man's wardrobe. Black and grey were other staples as well.

Shoes were made from elk or deer skin. There was no difference in shoes for the left or right foot. Shoes were worn high and came above the ankle with a seam down the front.

Basic Soldier Attire

Colonial soldiers did not have elaborate uniforms. Their clothes were often made at home from simple materials such as linen and animal skins. A Colonial soldier always wore a hat. He carried a cloth bag over the shoulder to carry any supplies he could possibly need.

Not Much Choice

The same clothes were worn daily. Most had only two outfits: one to wear daily and another that was worn only on Sundays. Clothes were kept simple and were not chosen for their style but more for their comfort and function.

See What Colonial Life Was Like

Are you still interested in seeing Colonial fashion up close and personal? If so, check out an authentic re-enactment. Places such as Colonial Williamsburg are great to see what life was like in Colonial times. There are actors dressed in period-style clothing acting out what life was like back then.

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Colonial Fashion